Hunter’s Blood by Val Penny

hunter's blood

Title: Hunter’s Blood (The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries #4)

Author: Val Penny

Published on: 1st January 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three incidents but each have something in common. A sinister motive behind elderly patients dying in a hospital ward under mysterious circumstances. A little girl has gone missing from her uncle’s caravan. A van rolled off the road and the survivor waits for a long time to be rescued.

I have mixed opinions about Hunter’s Blood. The mystery behind above mentioned incidents piqued my curiosity. Just a trigger warning before I continue with my review. The story has some scenes of drug abuse, physical abuse and mutilation.


There are so many characters in the story and I had a hard time remembering who’s who. Every ‘incident’ comes with a group of characters. Then comes their personal stories. I felt lost in the plot at times, mainly because there was too much information to process.

A speeding van rolls off the road and the witnesses call the emergency number. But nobody comes to the rescue. I was really shocked when the reason for this insensitivity was given. Mistakes do happen, but when lives are at stake, even a tiny mistake makes a huge impact.

A little girl from the gypsy caravan has gone missing. I thought this had something to do with child abduction or trafficking but no. The little girl’s disappearance plays a major role in the story – not directly linked to her disappearance but major clues are found during the search.

The storytelling is good. I had trouble following the Scottish lingo at times but it didn’t ruin the read for me. The mystery and suspense are well-maintained until the end. Red herrings and twists are good enough to keep one engrossed in the story.

Overall, Hunter’s Blood was an interesting read for me. Except for not being able to connect with the characters, I liked the story.

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