133 Hours by Zach Abrams

133 hours

Title: 133 Hours

Author: Zach Abrams

Published on: 20th January 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers (psychological thriller)

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Briony Chaplin is late for work. She rushes into her office only to find Margaret at the door. Briony is reprimanded for being late. Briony says she’s only a few minutes late and learns that she went AWOL for three days.

Briony is fired from the job. She goes to the restroom and sees her reflection in the mirror. Caked make-up and dress-suit crinkled, Briony has no idea what happened. The last thing she remembers is leaving office Friday night. The next 133 hours are blank.

A few niggles aside, 133 Hours kept me on the edge of my seat.


Plot to Story

Why was Briony drugged and abducted? She gets flashbacks of three men assaulting a girl. But the girl isn’t Briony so why is she getting these visions?

Her best friend since school, Jenny, is acting weird too. She’s sweet and friendly, yet, at times, she turns out to be a pain in the backside. Is Briony’s mind playing games and making her hostile towards Jenny?

Alesha and Margaret, Briony’s two co-workers seem friendly enough. These two ladies weren’t friendly before so why are they helping her now? Jenny keeps warning her about these two. Why?

The story was a tad descriptive at times – the conversations were lengthy too. The suspense is well-maintained. 133 Hours is an inverted mystery of sorts – the reader is given hints about the identity of the perp.



Briony is well-portrayed throughout the story. As someone who has lost her memory, Briony’s emotions – the anger, confusion, overwhelming thoughts and fear – are well described in the story.

Alesha, Jenny and Margaret – three women, each with a story of their own. Briony never found it necessary to speak to Alesha before and yet, the girl is ready to help her. Margaret was supposed to be a pain-in-the-backside boss but is now motherly to Briony. What went wrong? Or, should I say, what went right? Jeffrey, Margaret’s husband, an ex-policeman, helps Briony with the case.

Jenny’s behavior leaves you guessing – even Briony second-guesses her reaction towards Jenny.


Like I said before, the reader is given hints pointing to the perp throughout the story. So, their identity was no surprise. The reason, however, was. Sometimes, envy, jealousy and hatred go a long way.

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