The Cornish Secret of Summer’s Promise by Laura Briggs

the cornish secret of summer's promise

Title: The Cornish Secret of Summer’s Promise (A Little Hotel in Cornwall #4)

Author: Laura Briggs

Published on: 15th January 2020

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Maisie Kinnan aka Maisie Clarke is busy with Hotel Penmarrow’s auction event. Mildred Eccleston, an actress turned lady of the manor’s private boudoir is on auction. Jewels, dresses and a few personal items are going to be auctioned. Guests from near and far, a few from high society and a few from the film industry are going to be present at the auction.

Things go wrong when the jewels are stolen and Sidney is accused of stealing them. Maisie is heart-broken. Just when she thought she was falling for Sidney, Bridgette reveals something about Sidney. And the next day, Sidney is accused of theft. Detective Anson, the insurance company’s private eye asks Maisie to help him. He believes that Sidney is innocent. They start to investigate and want to find the real culprit before it is too late. La Fleur, a master thief, is said to be behind the theft. 

Oh My God! A detective mystery in a romantic novel! Yes, please! Laura is one of my favourite authors. Ever since I read the first book in this series, I have been eager to know what happens next. In the previous book, Laura told her fans that something big is going to happen in the next book(meaning this one) and I couldn’t wait to know what it was. Here we are! Phew! Let me catch a breath before continuing with this review.

Marvellous. Spectacular. Awesome. Fabulous. Fantabulous. Superb. I am running out of adjectives to describe this book.


Plot to Story Development

Maisie’s fallen for the handsome hunk Sidney. Aww!! Bridgette talks to Maisie about Sidney’s past. Although the hotel is now brimming with guests and auctioneers, Maisie cannot seem to stop thinking about what Bridgette said. She cannot sleep so she decides to go out. That is when she hears a crash – did one of the guards crash into a table in the dark? As Maisie walks in, she finds the door ajar. She sees a dark figure running away. The glass cases are broken and the jewels are missing!

The next day, Maisie is told that Sidney was found with one of the stolen items and is now in custody. Detective Anson and Maisie go in search of La Fleur. With the introduction of a detective fiction element in this story, Laura has proved that she’s one of the best authors out there. Laura, any plans to write mystery novels? 🙂

The identity of the thief… wow! I never saw that coming! Neither did Maisie or the others! It reminded me of a Bollywood movie (let me not reveal the name of the movie here because it would make this review a spoiler). The movie is based on a similar concept. Or, if I have to mention a Hollywood movie, I would say The Ocean’s series.


Character Development

I am so invested in the characters of this story, I am pretty sure I will cry when this series ends. Sparks have been flying between Maisie and Sidney since book #1. They even had a tiff in the previous book. And just when Maisie is sure she’s fallen for the guy…

Riley, the goofball, is his usual goofy self. Lady Marverly’s book is found in the hotel. Bridgette and Molly seem to be so smitten by the story while Riley has other opinions about it. Lady Marverly’s books are similar to the 50-shades series.

Readers were told in the previous book that things are going to end – for good or bad was kept suspense. Maisie came to Penmarrow in search of her favourite author Alistair Davies. Does she finally get to meet Davies? Not telling ya. 😀

With each book in this series, the readers get to know Maisie and Sidney better. Maisie mostly. I cannot really choose a favourite character here because every character is excellently portrayed. This includes the hotel staff, mind.


I cried as the story ended. Emotions run high as the story ends. For Maisie, Sidney and the rest of the staff at the Penmarrow. No! I didn’t want it to end the way it did! Why?? The ending is good, no doubt about it. I wish I could dive into my kindle and give Sidney and Maisie a warm hug!

I have never cried for a story’s ending before and this was my first. Thinking of the ending makes me emotional.

I am waiting to see what’s next for Maisie and Sidney. 🙂

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Many thanks to Rachel for the blog tour invite. 🙂

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