A Messy Affair by Elizabeth Mundy

a messy affair

Title: A Messy Affair(The Lena Szarka Mysteries #3)

Author: Elizabeth Mundy

Published on: 2nd January 2020

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lena Szarka, our favourite Hungarian cleaner working in London, is back!

Lena’s cousin, Sarika, has a new boyfriend. He’s a reality TV celebrity – Terry. Sarika is head-over-heels in love with the fella. She sets Lena on a blind date with another reality TV celebrity – Raz. The two couple go on a double date. Lena had no idea that Raz was a celebrity until he tells her so. The bar they are currently in is co-owned by Terry and his uncle, Barry. Terry mocks and treats his uncle disrespectfully and Lena isn’t comfortable with it. But it’s none of her business to interfere.

Sarika and Terry receive threatening letters but they both ignore it. Soon, Sarika is heart-broken that Terry’s ghosting her. A day later, Raz calls Lena and he has a piece of bad news – Terry is dead! Was he murdered? If so, is Sarika next?

I am absolutely in love with this series! Lena Szarka is an excellent sleuth!


Plot to Story Development

From reality shows, jealousy and envy, to internet dating and fraud, A Messy Affair is an entertaining and totally engrossing mystery.

What starts as a date with a reality TV celebrity ends with the celebrity being murdered and Sarika and Lena getting threatening notes and messages. It doesn’t end there, all right. Gossip, dirty secrets and washing dirty laundry in public is all part of a reality show, yes? Maybe not.

I was so hooked on to the story that I stayed awake way past my bedtime, curious to know what happens next. Will Lena catch the perp? What about the messages and notes? Also, a couple of married men seem to get cheated by beautiful Russian girls. Now, what is this about?

Lena has the hots for PC Cartwright. But the bugger seems to be Busy. Always! How dare he treat Lena like that? But as the story proceeds, their relationship makes you go aww! ❤


Character Development

I have already mentioned this and I do not mind repeating it again. Lena Szarka is an excellent sleuth. Her job as a cleaner gives her access to crime scenes and suspects’ house. This also means a cup of hot tea or coffee and lots of gupshup (gossip) with suspects and their nosy neighbours.

Sarika, Lena’s cousin, is heartbroken over the death of her lover boy, Teddy. Her ex-boyfriend ran away and now this. Poor thing! She’s been receiving death threats but she doesn’t want to go to the police – they wrongly arrested her the last time, you see. A traumatic experience, that!

Cartwright, Mr and Mrs Ives, Mrs Kingston, Yasemin, Marsela and many of Terry’s one-night-stand girlfriends – each of these play quite a role in the story. Mr Ives cheats on his wife and the missus has the perfect punishment for him. *Devilish grin* Marsela, or Mars, as she is known as plays the role of a heart-broken girlfriend. She and Terry were quite an item on the show – N1 Angels. She was previously with Jack, then came Terry. They broke up and she went back to Jack, then again came Terry. Phew! Reality shows, I tell you!



A superb story must have a superb ending, doesn’t it? There is one last note that Lena reads – ‘one last note’ because things do come to an end. For whom? Well, well, I cannot tell you that now, can I? 😉

I know I am all gushing about this book. Why shouldn’t I? Excellent storytelling, interesting characters and engrossing mystery, so go on, chop-chop. Read A Messy Affair today!

Many thanks to Rachel for the blog tour invite. Thanks to Constable for the ARC.

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