British Crime Classics Challenge Wrap-Up

It’s time to wrap-up British Crime Classics Challenge 2019. 🙂

First of all, thank you to all those who participated this year. Secondly, thank you to all those who are participating in BCCC 2020. 🙂

I came across a lot of new authors this year. My new favourites include George Bellairs (like, all time favourite!), Michael Gilbert, Richard Hull and Baroness Orczy.

I had plans to re-read a couple of Christie’s novels but I couldn’t. Hopefully I will, next year. Or, the year after that. Or, the one after that. So on and so forth and what have you!

What is my BCCC plan for 2020? Re-read Poirot series (not all of them for god’s sakes! I am not The Flash!). I also have a couple of Patricia Wentworth and Molly Thynne books in my Kindle. Then comes my incomplete 2019 goal- read all of Bellairs’ reprints. Since I read and liked two of Hull’s novels, I will be adding those too to my list. Two more detective novels by Mavis Doriel Hay – she wrote three in total, one of which I read this year.

Oh yes, let me add 2020 Mystery Classics Reprints. DSP has some new titles coming in January and March. 😀 And so will Agora Books, British Library Publishing and Puskin Vertigo.

So, one plus ten plus fifteen plus… say, around 60 books in my TBR for 2020? What did you say? A hundred? *faints*

Aries Horoscope 2020 says I will have a busy year ahead – hah! With so many challenges and books to read, isn’t that obvious? So, I am going on a Hibernation mode, starting from tomorrow. See you all in 2020.

Oh yes, before I forget, there’s a reprint of the year post on 21st. The voting starts from 22nd so make sure to vote for your favourite reprints of the year. Psst : Vote for Harry Dodd. 😉

Here’s the list of books I read for this year’s British Crime Classics Challenge. If you want to participate in BCCC 2020, details are here. 🙂

NOTE: Click on the images to read my reviews.

George Bellairs

Agatha Christie

Michael Gilbert

Margery Allingham

Baroness Orczy

Moray Dalton

Patricia Wentworth

Christopher Bush

Michael Innes

Edmund Crispin

E.C.R Lorac

Richard Hull

Mavis Doriel Hay

7 thoughts on “British Crime Classics Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. My book club is reading Christie’s Harlequin Tea Set for January! Tell me if that’s on your radar

      1. That sounds great! Especially as they’re stories it could be fun to talk about them as we go, and think about it as a collection

      2. Yeah, we could discuss it story wise. Will you send me an email? We could discuss the dates and stuff. Or, I can send you an email – tomorrow, as I have to access it through browser.

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