Vintage Mystery Challenge Wrap-Up

When I signed up for this challenge, I said I would be doing the Golden Era as well as the Silver Era. 2019 is supposedly the year of procrastination. 😛 So, I managed to complete 30 books from the Golden Mystery Era. I had written in my sign-up post that by the end of 2019, I hope to be promoted to Chief Inspector.

Guess what! You are looking at Chief Inspector Littlerekha🕵️‍♀️. Well, why should only John be little? (Chief Inspector Littlejohn! Get it?)

By the way, someone stole my bowler hat and pipe! 😦 Well, it’s more of a garden hose than a pipe…

Here’s the checklist for Golden Mystery Era (before 1960)

Just the Facts Golden 2019
Image Credits: Bev Hankins

Below is the list of books I read for this challenge. Click on the links to read my reviews.


Who: religious figure

When: Timing of crime is crucial

Where: set in a small village

What: An animal in the title

Why: It has made the ‘best list’ How: At least two deaths with different means

Detective Sergeant

Who: lawyer/barrister

When: set during WW1/WW2

Where: in a country manor

What: person’s name in the title

Why: Author not from your country
How: death by drowning


Who: an academic

When: during a weather event

Where: on an island

What: written by more than one person

Why: read by fellow challenger(Steve)

How: death by a blunt instrument

Inspired Amateur

Who: in the medical field Murder of a Quack

When: during trip or vacation – The Dead shall be Raised

Where: set in a capital city(Paris)

What: number in the title

Why: out of your comfort zone

How: a crime involving arson/fire

Chief Inspector

Who: Professional is main sleuth

When: during a recognized holiday

Where: in a locked room

What: title with literary allusion

Why: because Simon says

How: death by knife/dagger


This is Chief Inspector Littlerekha signing off. Hasta La Vista, Baby!

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