Reprint of the Year – A Knife for Harry Dodd

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Reprint of the Year awards is here!

Kate Jackson of Cross Examining Crime has come up with a wonderful idea of sharing your favourite crime reads (reprints, of course) of the year. I am so excited to take part in the nominations party.

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From right to left (on the stage) – Bev, Brad, John, Aidan, Kate, me, Moira, Steve, Curtis and JJ

Autographs later. Nominations first!


My first choice for Reprint of the Year is… *drum roll please* A KNIFE FOR HARRY DODD BY GEORGE BELLAIRS


a knife for harry dodd


I came across Bellairs Littlejohn series in January this year. I tell you, I really adore this series! Chief Inspector Thomas Littlejohn is the best!

A Knife for Harry Dodd was republished by Agora Books this year. This is the 21st book in the Littlejohn series.

The radio is blaring somewhere and Dorothy and her mum are sitting in the hall, minding their own business. Their work is interrupted by a phone call. Dotty’s beau, Harry asks her to pick him up. As the ladies reach the place, they find Harry stabbed. The poor chap is barely alive. They pick him up, take him home, nurse his wound and put him to sleep. Little did they know Harry would never wake up again.

Harry’s brother is a politician and Harry was somewhat of a black sheep in the family. The brother wants to keep media out of this so Littlejohn is assigned the case. The Dodd family seems to hiding something. The suspects also have secrets of their own. Littlejohn, along with his right-hand man Cromwell, investigate the murder.

Now that Dotty is single, she has her eyes set on every prospective lover – including Cromwell. *wink wink* Then there is the nasty Superintendent Judkins and, excuse me, excuse me, the very polite, Judkin’s assistant – Drane. Excuse me, excuse me. Oh yes, how can I forget to mention the guy named Comfort – the poor thing died in a very uncomfortable accident. Tut tut! Then comes another guy named Glass. Don’t touch him, he’s fragile.

Weirdo characters, quirky writing and excellent sleuthing skills – now you know why I chose A Knife for Harry Dodd for Reprint of the Year award.

8 thoughts on “Reprint of the Year – A Knife for Harry Dodd

  1. Glad you’ve joined the crew for the Reprint of the Year award. I’ve not read as many Bellair novels as you have, but the ones I have encountered, I have enjoyed. His characterisation has a very naturalistic feel to it.

    1. I plan to read more next year. No sleep year, remember πŸ˜‰
      I agree with you about his characterization. πŸ™‚

  2. Man, Bellairs has been on my TBB list for so long that he’s got cobwebs on him. Really must get round to him in 2020. Thanks for the nudge, let’s see what results…

  3. This is a very strong nomination. One of Bellairs’ best- and I have read more than thirty. I certainly gave it 5 stars. It has a strong ending which is one area where this author can be weak.

    1. Oh my! You have read more than thirty of his books?!! I agree with you, most of the endings are meh but this one has a good ending.

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