A Fatal Fondness by Richard Audry


Title: A Fatal Fondness (Mary MacDougall Mysteries #4)

Author: Richard Audry (D R Martin)

Published on: 6th November 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery (Historical)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mary MacDougall has fulfilled her dream of opening a detective agency. Of course, there are conditions apply. John MacDougall, Mary’s dad, has given her the permission to open a detective agency provided she takes her cousin Jeanette along. Jeanette is also supposed to keep an eye on Mary and not let her meet Edmond Roy – Mary’s eye candy.

The duo started on a slow note. Their first three cases were – the affair of the nicked napkin rings, the problem of the purloined pocket watch and the matter of the four filched felines. Trivial cases are not what Mary had in mind while opening the detective agency. She stumbles upon the Ostovian affair and things go haywire.


What a wonderful historical cozy mystery! I absolutely loved A Fatal Fondness. Mary and Jeanette form quite a detective pair. Mind, the story’s set in 1902 – since Mary’s dad was well-known, she isn’t shunned for being a woman sleuth.

Mrs Fesler’s and Mr Pettyjohn’s cats go missing. Two other members of the Cat Fanciers Club find their cats missing. Is there a cat burglar on the prowl? Meanwhile, Jiggs Nyberg’s friend Beansie steals his Swedish watch. The watch is dear to Jiggs as it is the only family heirloom he owns. Mary learns of the death of the Ostovian Prince. She ventures into the Ostovian community to learn more about the prince.

Meanwhile, Jeanette smells something fishy. Mary’s opened the agency but she’s nowhere to be seen. She finds out that Mary’s been secretly meeting Edmond for quite some time now.

The characters are likeable and the story is charming. I loved Richard Audry’s writing style. The mystery is well-maintained throughout the book. Mary proves to be an excellent sleuth. Her curiosity gets her into trouble but that happens with almost all sleuths, doesn’t it? Be it the mystery behind the cat burglar or the missing watch, I enjoyed reading them all. Absolutely entertaining and charming story.

If you like historical cozy mysteries, I highly recommend you to read A Fatal Fondness. I usually do not give drink tips but if you like to sip while you read, keep a mug of hot cocoa by your side. 🙂

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Many thanks to Lori Caswell for the blog tour invite.

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  1. Richard Audry here, and I want to thank you for the terrific review of my new Mary MacDougall mystery. I had a great time writing it and nothing feels better than knowing it connected with the reviewer. Hopefully, I’ll be back with another one in a year or so…

  2. Thank you for being part of the book tour for “A Fatal Fondness” by Richard Audry. Sounds wonderful. On my TBR list and I can’t wait for the opportunity to read.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

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