A Second Death by Graham Brack

a second death

Title: A Second Death (Josef Slonsky Investigations #5)

Author: Graham Brack

Published on: 15th July 2019

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Before you read this book (and my review, of course), make sure you have some sausages, pastries, coffee and beer around, coz Slonsky is back, baby!

Maybe, mixing coffee and beer is not that good an idea…

In Field of Death, Captain Lukas stepped down from his post and guess who is the new captain? Our very own Josef Slonsky. Ahaan! Peiperova is now the Commissioner’s secretary so lover boy Navratil feels lonely at the police station. Of course, there’s Slonsky to boss around but life is not the same without the blond-haired beauty.

The body of a ten-year-old girl is found on the banks of the river. There are signs of sexual abuse on the body. Nobody’s come forward to claim the body nor is a missing person’s report filed. Who is the girl? Where are her family members? Soon, it comes to light that the girl was Viktorie Dlaskova – she went missing from her kindergarten seven years ago.


Slonsky wants to find out the monster who abused and killed this little girl but team Slonsky is understaffed. The HR is firm about having a female officer in the team – from where would Slonsky find one? Also, Captain Urban’s (Peiperova’s boss) promotion is kept on hold. Slonsky wants to know why.

A Second Death is the fifth book in the Josef Slonsky Investigations series. This series has never failed to impress me. With each book, Brack has something new to offer to his readers. Dark humour, excellent detective skills and cartloads of sausages, this series is a complete entertainment package!

Slonsky can handle large amounts of beer. What about water? Water? What is that?

Slonsky dropped the receiver and collected his coat.

‘I’ll explain all that on the way, lad,’ he said to Navratil.

‘The way, sir? To where?’

‘To a place where my brain can be lubricated and tuned to perfection.’

‘Oh – we’re going to a bar.’

‘Correct. I need to do some of my best thinking. Probably about two litres’ worth, I’d say.’

Slonsky is an excellent detective, all right. So, don’t judge a detective by the amount of beer he drinks. Or, the number of sausages and pastries he eats.

Sergeant Mucha makes his presence felt throughout the story. In fact, Slonsky offers a post in the team, in case Mucha is interested. Yay! What does Mucha have to say about this? Not telling ya! Also, our very own James Bond of Czechoslovakia, Major Rajka helps Slonsky in the Captain Urban case. Did I not mention that there’s a new lad in the team? Krob is going to partner with Navratil. Yay! I missed Klinger and his OCD though. I hope to see more of him in the next book.

Valentin, Slonsky’s childhood friend and journalist (and beer partner) has gotten a haircut. Or at least, he used to get one once in a while but Slonsky never seemed to observe it. What’s wrong with Slonsky????


Slonsky’s golden words on ‘how to be a good detective’ are worth noting down. So, grab a pen and paper, quick!

‘A good detective needs three things, Krob. He needs a good pair of shoes, a bottom that can withstand prolonged periods of sitting down and a mind to gather and process all that comes in.’

A bottom that can withstand prolonged periods of sitting down – sausages and pastries might help in, um, help in getting a… strong bottom??

I have already told you about the excellent detective skills. Gave you some excerpts from the story so that you will have an idea about the dark humour. What else do you need? Sausages? Pastries?

There are two mysteries in this book. Our good little (or, not so little) Captain Slonsky solves them all. Navratil and Peiperova also show some good sleuthing skills. A wonderfully concocted, enjoyable and brilliant mystery so off you go, chop-chop. Read A Second Death right away.

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