Vintage Mystery Extravaganza 2020

vintage mystery extravaganza


Bev @ My Reader’s Block hosts a couple of reading challenges and Vintage Mystery Challenge is one of them. This year it is called Vintage Mystery Extravaganza – she’s celebrating ten years of blogging. My oh my! 😀

I am a bit late to the party. Laurie and my other blog buddies have already signed up for the challenge. The rules are a tad different this year.

Participant must choose five books that follow SS Van Dine’s rules – there are twenty of them and the participant can choose any five. This completes the Basic Level of the challenge. Then comes the Bonus Level – choose any variation of the Vintage Mystery Challenge since it began.

Again, there are two choices – Gold (pre-1960) and Silver (1960-1989). (same rules for both).

I am super excited to participate in the Vintage Mystery Extravaganza! 😀 😀 I participated in Vintage Mystery Challenge 2019 and had super fun. I had committed to reading 24 books. How well have I fared so far? No spoilers, sweety. You have to wait for my wrap up post. 😉

Let’s see how many I can read by the end of 2020. Five books are mandatory, of course. And then a few more for the bonus level. So, five plus twenty plus thirteen plus…

For 2020, my reading goals include devouring as many GAD books as I can so I will be opting for Gold card entry.


Crossovers to other challenges are allowed. If you are participating in British Crime Classics Challenge, you can list the same books under Vintage Mystery Extravaganza (as long as the rules are followed) and vice versa.

For more details, hop on to Bev’s blog.

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