A Forgiven Friend by Sue Featherstone and Susan Pope

a forgiven friend

Women’s Fiction or Chick-Lit is one genre that I have started to experiment with since the beginning of this year. Being a mystery/thriller/crime reader, it isn’t easy to sometimes venture out of my comfort zone.

I grew up reading mystery and thrillers so a story that isn’t ‘mysterious’ or ‘thrilling’ wasn’t something that I wanted to try. But things have changed this year and I am happy that I have found a couple of stories (of the genre chick-lit/women’s fiction) that are up to my liking.

So, moving on to A Forgiven Friend by Sue Featherstone and Susan Pope. The story is about two best friends – Lee and Teri. Boy, you gotta see their catfights! Mewargh!! Their love-hate relationship turns bitchy at times. Being an introvert, it isn’t easy for me to make friends quickly. Also, I have never had a friend like Lee or Teri so I really do not want to comment on their camaraderie.

Lee is understanding while Teri is impatient. Teri makes decisions without giving it a second thought (or first, but who’s counting?) while Lee seems to be the mature kind. Lee and Teri have a fight as the story starts. Lee is preggers and Teri being Teri, blurts out the ‘good news’ to her ex-husband – who is now Lee’s boyfriend/fiance. I know right, quite a drama! Well, you cannot really blame Teri for it, you know. It was a misunderstanding on… um… Teri’s side?

So, Lee and Teri have a fight. Teri wants Lee to support her through whatever it is that she’s going through – her on and off relationship with Richard. Though Lee understands where Teri’s coming from, until halfway through the story, Lee doesn’t want to forgive her.

The characters whine a lot yet they are likeable. In fact, their whining is what makes the story a good read. The writing is good too. Overall, A Forgiven Friend was a refreshing read. If you like to read books of this genre, you might want to give this book a try.

Many thanks to Rachel for the blog tour invite.

2 thoughts on “A Forgiven Friend by Sue Featherstone and Susan Pope

  1. No really my comfort zone either though I did read a bunch of Sophie Kinsella books at one point and did end up enjoying most of them. Perhaps,when I want a change, this might be a good option.

    1. I have been experimenting with this genre this year. It’s either a hit or a miss. 🙂 some are good, no doubt.

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