Till Death Do Us Part by Stephen Edger

till death do us part

Till Death Do Us Part is supposed to be a psychological thriller of sorts. It was a thriller all right, but I didn’t find it to be an interesting or gripping read. Let me explain.

Meet the main character, Alice Goodman. As they are cutting their wedding cake, her husband of a few hours is arrested for murder. The chap is dragged out of the venue in cuffs. Alice learns that a stripper was found dead and Ben Goodman’s DNA was found on her clothes. Is Goodman a Badman in disguise? (excuse my pun) As the story proceeds, the readers get to see how indecisive Alice can be. (People warn her but she ignores them. She refuses to believe anyone except her husband, Ben.)

As long as the character is well portrayed, I am pretty okay if the story-line seems a tad shaky. But in this case, I really do not know what to say. Alice is someone whom you would dislike from the very beginning. Her husband’s lied to her, hidden things from her and people have tried their best to warn her and yet she believes Ben!! *rolls eyes*


Alice tries to play detective – mostly to prove others wrong. Ben throws in a clue or two about his ‘other side’ and yet Alice chooses to ignore/play blind. At times, this turned out to be frustrating. I wish I could dive into my kindle and bring Alice to her senses.

There are a couple of twists in the story. Red Herrings lead Alice on a different path and each of them ends with Ben under suspicion. Apart from these red herrings, the other characters had a story of their own. Alice feels responsible for Faye and wishes if she had intervened, Faye would have had a better life. Isabella, Faye’s daughter is with Alice for a couple of days. The kid is in the pool, having a good time when Alice learns that her suspect is on the move. She wraps the kid in a beach towel and off they go in pursuit of the culprit! The kid is cold and hungry but Alice doesn’t seem to care much! I know this is just a fictional story, blah blah, but Alice is a teacher and would-be-mother so this ‘incident’ was totally uncalled for.

Pity, sympathy, boo-hoo and whatnot, emotions were at an all-time high. I wished to see some change in Alice as the story ended but nope, nada. I found the blurb interesting and that is the only reason I chose to read this book. I did not expect domestic drama.

Thanks to Harper Impulse and Killer Reads and NetGalley for the ARC. This is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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