Cosmic Cat by Mollie Hunt

Cosmic Cat

Title: Cosmic Cat (Crazy Cat Lady Mystery #6)

Author: Mollie Hunt

Published on: 19th August 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Captain Cat aka Guinness MacAngus falls off the roof and dies at Bridgetown Comic-Con. Esmae Westhouse, a well-known cat costume designer is arrested for MacAngus’s murder. Lynley Cannon, a cat shelter volunteer, cat lady, cat lover (cats, cats, cats!!!) and cat everything, decides to help prove her friend Esmae innocent. When a band of vigilante cosplayers, a multi million-dollar pharmaceutical company and cats (and more cats!) are all in a kitty litter…oops, I meant, (they) are all thrown in together, Lynley is pulled in all directions. The death of Captain Cat is only the beginning and Lynley must solve the case before she’s on the hit list.

Cosmic Cat is a cozy mystery written by a cat lover. No doubt about it! Every quirk, emotion and paw of a cat is well described. Before I move on to the review, I would want to talk about the cat in the story that caught my attention. Kitty. Kitty is Guinness’s cat. She cannot adjust with any of her fellow felines. When Lynley takes her home, she screeches and screams and creates quite a scene. Miss Puddykins, my pet cat, is like Kitty. No cats allowed. Uh-huh. Nope. Any cat that passes through our house is chased away. Not just that, she sits out for days to make sure that the cat doesn’t come back. No dogs allowed either! Same goes with rats, birds and squirrels. Thank god, at least humans are allowed in! But apart from this trait of hers, she’s one of the sweetest cats. They say tuxedo cats are one of the kindest and sweetest cats and I completely agree. I cannot imagine living without Miss Puddykins. And neither can she, I suppose. If I go on a vacation for a day or two, I can expect wrath-of-the-kitty when I come back home. 😉


So, moving on to the review. I absolutely loved the story! Lynley is so adorable. I cannot stop talking about Lynley’s eight cats. Oh my! Cats, cats everywhere! Lynley is not a crazy cat lady, all right! It’s just that she can never say no to cats. If you are a cat owner… well, if one is a cat lover, they would know that “cat owner” is the wrong term. 😉 Cat Servant is the right term. 😀

The suspense is well-maintained until the end. I did not expect the perp to be so-and-so. So many red herrings, rats and dirty paws in the story that I jumped off the wrong tree to catch a squirrel. Esmae plays quite a role in the story. Halle, lawyer and Lynley’s friend was another interesting character that I liked. GG, Tigre, Jim, Taylor and many more – the whole vigilante group were brilliant. The eight cats and their quirks, especially Mab – unbelievable!!

If you like to read Cozy Mysteries that involves cartloads of cats and action, I recommend you to read Cosmic Cat by Mollie Hunt. If you are a cat lover/cat butler, do not miss to read this book! Paws at ya!

Many thanks to Lori Caswell for the blog tour invite.

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