Close to You by Kerry Wilkinson

close to you

Title: Close to You

Author: Kerry Wilkinson

Published on: 17th October 2019

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m about to hand the phone back when I spot a face at the very back. It doesn’t belong to the group, it’s not one of the winners. It’s simply there. A man with very short hair, facing sideways but staring directly at the camera with piercing brown eyes. My body tenses and I can’t quite take in what I’m seeing. I pinch the screen at the face of a ghost. He is as he was when I last saw him: wrinkles around the corner of the eyes and a knowing smirk. That’s the expression I see when I can’t sleep.

My body tenses. It can’t be him. It’s not my ex-husband. It’s not David.

I know that better than anyone because he didn’t walk out on me.

He didn’t disappear two years ago and he’s not a missing person.

I know that for a fact because I’m the one who killed him

Morgan Persephone (pronounced as per-sef-oh-knee) is at the awards function with her bestie Jane. The winners (Morgan included) pose for a series of photos. Jane’s clicked one such photo of the group and when Morgan sees it, she’s shocked. The man who was supposed to be missing… the man she killed… is right there, standing at an awkward angle, with a smirk on his face.


Morgan cannot sleep on the hotel bed thinking of David – her ex-husband, the one she had killed two years ago… It’s 2.30am but Morgan decides to check out. As she reaches home at around 5 in the morning, she feels that someone’s watching her. The Tigger ceramic bowl in which she usually drops her keys is missing!! After a short nap, Morgan wakes up and glances outside the window… something’s amiss… Then it strikes her – her car’s missing!!

She reports it to the police and hours later, her car is found. But there seems to be a problem. The car’s hit one of the pedestrians and Morgan is a suspect. Missing bowl, David at the awards function and now an accident, is David back from the grave?

Close to You is a bone-chilling psychological thriller by Kerry Wilkinson. This is the first book by Wilkinson that I have read and I really enjoyed the story.

A story in which the main character is a sociopath isn’t something that I often read. Morgan’s methods – the lies she concocts without blinking an eye, her cold heartedness, her stubbornness, phew! Quite a character she is! Then there’s Jane. Morgan’s best friend since school. The girls have been together for so long that they can read each other’s minds/thoughts.

The character that stood out the most is David. He’s nothing short of a gas-lighting drama queen! He’s always a cry baby. He does things that irritates Morgan and when questioned, off starts the boo-hooing! *rolls eyes* He wants something and then he doesn’t and then he does and so on and so forth and what have you! Utter mess of feelings, decisions and whatnot!


Coming back to Morgan, I have mixed opinions about the way she was portrayed. She’s being repeatedly told about David’s shortcomings. Also, she catches him off guard quite a few times and yet when he proposes she says yes – but her inner voice keeps repeating A no is a no is a no. And even after the wedding, the honeymoon period is never there because David is back to his old habits. Morgan just goes along with whatever it is that he wants.

The suspense and the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat. The story alternates between the present and three years ago(starting from the time Morgan met David). Giving it a second thought, I see where Morgan’s coming from. Her mum underestimate her the whole time. Even on the wedding day, the lady has something to say that makes Morgan feel bad. So, Morgan takes things that come her way as a challenge – a challenge to prove those who oppose her wrong.

The character portrayal is good. The roles of Morgan and David are described in detail while the rest – Jane, Ben, Yasmine and Andy are like side actors. Halfway through the story, a certain conversation throws in a hint or two about the mystery. The ending is good. The identity of the perp was a no shocker for me. The reason for all this psychological drama mishmash wasn’t very convincing but I liked it because of its uniqueness.

If you like psychological thrillers then I recommend you to read Close to You by Kerry Wilkinson.

Many thanks to Sarah for the blog tour invite. Thanks to Bookouture for the ARC.

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