Code 17.2 by Francis Booth

code 17.2

Title: Code 17.2 (Code 17 series book #2)

Author: Francis Booth

Published on: 21st July 2019

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Code 17.2 is the second book in code 17 series by Francis Booth. Since this is a continuation of the series, it cannot be read as a standalone.

In the first book – Code 17 – the readers are introduced to Lady Laura, her best friends Muffie and Ronnie, Rupert, Xanthe and Charles. The series ended with Lady Laura’s father’s death, Muffie giving birth to Laura’s half-brother, and Laura wanting to take revenge on her father’s killer.

Code 17.2 starts with Cosmo being kidnapped. Cosmo is the new Lord Summers (Muffie’s son). And before you know, a closet full of skeletons are on the floor (not literally!) and Laura meets the one and only M. This is no James Bond movie so the M here is called Sir Maitland McNair, head of MI6.

There’s a mole in the organization and Laura wants to know who. Charles? M? Or someone else? Meanwhile, the fascist supremacists want Laura dead – uh oh!!


If you have read my review of Code 17, you would know that I was all gushing over the story! Stunning, brilliant, yada yada yada. The thrill and adventures are still there, no doubt but, something seemed amiss. Laura is either chasing someone or is chased by someone. Muffie being a mother and all now is a guest character. Sebastian, the beautiful boy who offered ‘services’ to rich men is back in the story and he plays quite a role! *whistles* Meanwhile, Mickey is a new addition. And so is Goering’s daughter. Yeah, you read that right!

The witty and humour bits had me giggling out loud. The first half of the book wasn’t that adventurous while I cannot say the same about the second. Twists after twists after twist, the second half takes you on a roller-coaster ride! The only bummer is that Code 17.2 ends with a cliffhanger! Why????? The first book ended with “Congratulations, it’s a …”

Bird? Plane? Superman??? Nah, it’s a boy – Cosmo!!

Is code 17.2 a fast-paced story? Yep.  Riveting? Yupp. Page-turner. Uh-huh. Do I recommend it? Let me see. Witty, keeps you on the edge of your seat, likeable characters, a story set in the ’60s, a woman sleuth (MI6 agent) and cartloads of drama – would you want to miss reading such a book?

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  1. This sounds great, and thanks for the heads-up that it doesn’t work as a standalone. I’ll have to check out the first book. Great review!

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