Death on Duty by Graham Brack

death on duty

Title: Death on Duty (Josef Slonsky Investigations #3)

Author: Graham Brack

Published on: 25th October 2018

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Bosnian Government has sent an alert out to Prague that a couple of their ‘most wanted men’ might be in the Czech Republic. So off go Josef Slonsky and his side-kicks, Peiperova and Navratil, in search of the men. It appears that one of the men is hiding in an apartment complex. A man is stabbed to death near the apartment. The dead man was an undercover police officer.

The trio set off on a chase. Thugs, human trafficking, tins of peaches, cups of coffee, mugs of beer and sausages – when Slonsky’s around, you cannot forget sausages and beer!! Will Slonsky’s tactics to catch the perp work this time?


Death on Duty is the third book in The Josef Slonsky Investigations series. The story might make you hungry, especially if you like pastries and sausages. Just warning ya…

The story starts with Josef at a Sausage judging competition. Well, he was supposed to a spectator but then, one of the judges couldn’t make it so Slonsky took his place. Where there’s Slonsky’s, there’s drama. How dare a gang of thieves to tie up contestant no 26 and run away with the prizes? Stalling a sausage competition? Did they not know that the famous Sausage eater was judging the competition? But when papa Josef Slonsky’s around, the thieves cannot hide for long!

If you have been following this series from the start, you will know that, in the previous book, Captain Lukas and Slonsky have a chat about ‘retirement.’ Also, a lady made her presence felt – she’s connected to Slonsky. Why am I talking about this now? Well, things like these cannot be left hanging in the air, you see. Vera is Vera and Lukas … cannot eat sausages anymore…

Trouble in paradise for the lovey-dovey couple Peiperova and Navratil. The boy is madly in love with her, yes, but he has a jealous streak in him! Don’t worry, they are still together – misunderstandings happen.

The mystery is mind-blowing. The most wanted men are notorious. They bring young girls from Bosnia on the pretext of finding them a good job in Prague. When the girls reach Prague, their passports are taken away and they are forced into flesh trade. If refused, the girls face something worse!

The characters that make a regular appearance in the story include Sergeant Mucha, Klinger, Dvornik and Dolezal. Each and every character is well portrayed and not to mention, they are all weird in their own way! There’s a guest character – Captain Grigar. He organizes crime… oops, I mean, he’s the head of Organized Crime Division.

I absolutely recommend this book. Graham Brack’s storytelling is superb. Dark humor,  mystery (a tad sinister motive), excellent character portrayal and sausages, this is one of my favourite series.

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