Close Encounters of the Curd Kind by Kristen Weiss


Title: Close Encounters of the Curd Kind (A Wits’ End Cozy Mystery #3)

Author: Kristen Weiss

Published on: 5th September 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

With each book, this series keeps getting better and better.

Susan Witsend runs a UFO-themed B&B. Her cousin, Dixie, helps her out with the cleaning while the boyfriend Arsen Holiday helps with anything else – like, finishing up the breakfast ;), installing security systems and so on. The circus has come to the small town of Doyle and so has the rumor of a possible alien invasion!

Susan’s neighbor, an ex-army man believed to have worked in Area 51, drops dead during the shooting of True Medium. Danella, the self-proclaimed psychic is in Doyle to help the colonel’s daughter, Claire. The colonel’s death turns out to be a murder and the Grumpy Sheriff McCourt once again makes some cryptic signs to Susan, asking her to be the sheriff’s CI.

Claire ‘recruits’ Susan as her PI. The poor lady wants to know why she’s being abducted by aliens every now and then!! (Say what???) As the story proceeds, Susan finds herself fighting her inner demons – controlling parents, not being around when her gran passed away, not having followed her dreams – thanks to her controlling parents – and much more. Susan almost loses her mind when she sees an alien stealing her lemon curd!!! Has the alien invasion begun???? *plays eerie X-files music in the background*


This is turning out to be one of the most interesting cozy series that I have read so far. I like cozies that have the usual stuff like baking, murder, single/divorced women, a tinge of romance, amateur sleuthing, yada yada yada… But, a UFO-themed cozy along with some mouth-watering recipes, aliens roaming around, conspiracy theories at its all-time high, uh-huh, looks like my kinda story. 😀

Close Encounters of the Curd Kind is quirky, funny, interesting and takes the reader on a nail-biting adventure. The story starts with the colonel’s murder. Then, one-armed Frank’s cows disappear (just to be clear, Frank has one arm, not his cows…). This is followed by unexplained lights and cloud formations in the sky… an alien stealing Susan’s lemon curd…sightings of aliens in the middle of the night…finally, a full-blown panic. Run! The Green Men are here!!!

The characters are quirky and likeable. Mrs Steinberg aka Madame X is her usual self – warns Susan not to poke her nose into this mess. BTW, the old lady almost forgot to hsst hsst this time… Susan being Susan thinks that Mrs Steinberg is a conspiracy theorist so why pay heed to her warnings? The psychic Danella plays quite a role! She talks about death vortexes and inter-dimensional aliens. Danella and Dixie have a heated debate about wormholes and aliens – I really liked Dixie’s part of the debate. Dixie’s quite knowledgeable when it comes to UFOs, aliens, space travel and much more.

I really loved Susan’s transformation as the story ended. Being brought up by controlling parents has surely taken a toll on her overall well-being. It isn’t easy to break free from the clutches of controlling parents – especially if the child is brain-washed so well that living independently becomes a difficult task. Not impossible though, it just takes time to change all the engraved patterns. It was heart-wrenching to read about Susan’s confusion and fear. The poor thing almost had a breakdown.

Close Encounters of the Curd Kind was quirkier than the first two books in this series – At Wits’ End and Planet of the Grapes. But, I did find the story to be a tad dragged. Claire’s mental breakdown followed by Susan’s paranoia seemed a bit too much. Having said that, the story was totally worth it! The rib-cracking humor, conspiracies and whatnot made this an enjoyable read.

I highly recommend this book. In fact, I recommend the series. The next book will be out in November and I am really looking forward to reading it. Close Encounters of the Curd Kind is an entertaining, wacky, laugh-out-loud UFO-themed cozy mystery.

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  1. Thank you for your review on “Close Encounters of the Curd Kind” by Kristen Weiss and for being part of the book tour.

    Sounds like a fabulous book and series – one that I would greatly enjoy having the opportunity to read.

    Please enter me in the contest. ❤
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. You’re most welcome, Kristen. I loved all the three books and am looking forward to reading the next one. 🙂

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