Slaughter and Forgetting by Graham Brack

slaughter and forgetting

Title: Slaughter and Forgetting (Josef Slonsky Investigations #2)

Author: Graham Brack

Published on: 27th September 2018

Genre: Mystery and Thriller

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Prague, Czech Republic

Thirty years ago, a teenage girl was raped and slaughtered at her home while her parents were at a party. The police charged and hanged the perp making this an open and shut case.

Edvard Holoubek, a retired police officer, comes to Lieutenant Josef Slonsky with haunted memories of the thirty-year-old case and Slonsky is convinced that the murderer might still be roaming the streets of Prague. When Holoubek is deliberately hit by a van in broad daylight, Slonsky decides to find the killer and bring two victims’ death to justice.


Slaughter and Forgetting is the second book in the Josef Slonsky Investigations series. Although this can be read as a standalone, I recommend you to start with book #1. I am really starting to like this mystery series. A lazy yet efficient cop in the post-communist Czech Republic, some superb sleuthing business and, not to forget, cartloads of sausages, pastries and coffees!

In the first book, the readers were introduced to Josef Slonsky and his rookie side-kick Navratil. As they go in search of clues, they reach Klando where Navratil meets the pretty-looking Officer Peiperova – she’s joined the duo in Prague now. Josef Lukas is the captain at the precinct where Slonsky works. Mucha is a desk Sergeant while Novak is the ME. Valentin is the local news reporter.

It’s been four months since Slonsky ‘solved’ the case of the psychopathic German who managed to create havoc on the streets of Prague. ‘Solved’ in quotes because the case ends in an unexpected way and only Navratil and Slonsky know the details. When Holoubek comes to Slonsky and asks him to look into a thirty-year-old open and shut case, Slonsky readily agrees.  It was no secret that during the Communist rule, with the STB and corruption and whatnot, many innocent were convicted of crimes that they never committed. So, if Slonsky can bring an innocent man to justice then why not?!

I really liked the second book better than the first. It is a complete laughter riot, that’s for sure! I know, I know, murder is no funny business, yada yada yada, but where there’s Slonsky, one can expect some witty sayings and whatnot. With Peiperova in Prague now, things do get a tad cheesy. Also, there is someone else who makes an appearance – someone connected to Slonsky. Well, I did not see this coming! I hope to see more of Slonsky and the ‘lady’ in the future books of this series. (When she first makes an appearance, Slonsky says “This is no lady. She’s…”)


There’s humor, witty sayings and amazing sleuthing skills in this series. But at the same time, the crimes are gory and the crime scenes are described in detail. Like, in the first book, a woman was found dead and a bundle of cash was stuffed in her privates. In this book, the teen is raped and then stabbed to death – multiple gashes on the body because the killer wanted to know after how many stabs she would die.

Slonsky having issues with the Ministers seems to be a trend or what!? First, it was Dr Bonda and now Dr Pilik! Who’s next, Slonsky? 😉

Graham Brack’s storytelling skills are absolutely brilliant. The suspense, drama and twists are sure to keep a reader hooked on to the story till the end. The characters are very much likeable. The ending was not as dramatic as it was in book #1 but when Slonsky is around, expect the unexpected. 😀

Slaughter and Forgetting is a complete entertainment package –  action, drama, murder, humor and a tinge of romance. I highly recommend you to read this book.

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