Henry’s Tale by David Pipe

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Title: Henry’s Tale

Author: David Pipe

Published on: 6th Feb 2018

Genre: General Fiction

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Henry Ford lives with his papa Alan and mama Jenny. Alan adores Henry to bits while Jenny is more of a shopaholic and loves everything that comes with a price tag. Jenny insists on a week-long vacation in Majorca and Henry is left with the neighbours. 

But things take a turn for a worse when Henry suffers from a Postal Dramatic sum-fink or the uvver when he almost gets dognapped by a scruffy fella. To get him back in spirits, Bully, the neighbour’s dog who’s been left to fend for himself suggests a trip to Essex.

With puppy love and heartbreak and, not to forget, the postal dramatic something disorder, Henry’s life is nothing but an adventure.


Henry’s Tale is one of the cutest stories that I have read so far! I am more of a cat person (apologies Henry dah-ling!) and I got to know quite a few details about a day or two or many in a dog’s life.

The story is hilarious! I cannot stop saying postal dramatic sum-fink or the uvver! 😀 😀 Even human beings in the story say it, not just the doggies! Henry thinks it’s called Post automatic gear syndrome. Ahem!

The story is as seen from a dog’s point of view. Henry narrates quite a tale, or, should I say tail? His mama and papa and their friends, the overly ‘enthusiastic’ neighbour lady who has the hots for Alan and all the other men, Henry’s friends, Henry’s first love and heartbreak, a vacation full of ups and downs, rummaging through the dump in search of food and much more.

The first half of the story was very interesting while it lost a bit of charm in the second half. I felt the second half could have been a bit better – less of human intervention and more of dogs could have made it interesting. Dolly was such a cute inclusion in the second half, though.

There’s something for all in this book – a mix of children’s and adult fiction. If you are a pet lover, especially a canine lover, then I recommend you to read this book. And maybe, read it out loud to your canine buddy too? 🙂

Many thanks to Rachel for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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