Escape to Giddywell Grange by Kim Nash

escape to giddywell grange

Title: Escape to Giddywell Grange

Author: Kim Nash

Published on: 18 September 2019

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Madison Young has everything that she could ever wish for. The career of a lifetime – check; a high-end car – check; swanky apartment – check. She’s eagerly waiting for the promotion. After twelve years of being loyal to her company – Ronington, she’s pretty sure that she’s going to be promoted to director. So off she goes to her boss’s cabin for a meeting and what does her boss say? “I’m sorry we have to let you go” Ouch!

Maddy’s always been a workaholic. Always! She found her mum’s calls annoying and never had time to hang out with friends or family. But now, she has nothing to do. Beth, Maddy’s best friend since the day she was born, owns a doggy daycare center at Giddywell Grange. Beth has an op scheduled so Maddy decides to help in with the doggy daycare. Soon, Maddy sees herself taking over most of Beth’s work – including volunteering at the local library.

Well, as we all know, ‘and she lived happily ever after…’ happens only in fairy tales. 😉 Maddy’s life is in a toss when she meets Alex, her childhood crush. Sparks fly and are almost doused when Jamie, Maddy’s old boyfriend is back in her life!


After having heard many praises about Kim Nash’s debut book, I couldn’t say no when Rachel sent me an invite to the blog tour. Oh, the storytelling and writing are absolutely brilliant!

Maddy is someone I liked as the story began and started to dislike a tad as Theo and Jamie arrived on the scene. I am not going into details as to who Theo is, but his identity revelation wasn’t something that I was expecting. A tad surprising, yes, but uh-huh, me no likes his ‘secret identity’. Also, there were times when I wished I could dive into the book and warn Maddy not to drool over her ex. Ex is called so for a reason, right? Forgiving someone is okay but when that someone has cheated on you, and people have warned you that ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’, would you go back to them?

Apart from these two niggles, I found the story to be charming and wonderful. I am more of a cat person but I like dogs too. Baxter was such a cutie patootie. You know, when life gives you lemons, you tend to look back and rethink about all the decisions you have taken so far. This story was just that. Maddy rethinking her choices/decisions, and making amends wherever necessary.

She drifted away from her mum and Beth but losing her job made her realize that there are some things that money cannot buy. (Did I sound like an advertisement for MasterCard here? That was not my intention…) Oooh and the chemistry between Maddy and Alex. It was something like a dormant volcano – you never know when it starts to spew lava and ash again. *whistles*

The ending was filmy and I liked it.  😀 Kim, please tell me this is the first book in this series. I would love to read more of it. Beth, Alex, Maddy, Baxter, Uncle Tom, Josie, Edward and Alice, I want to know what happened next in their lives. The characters are likeable and the writing is brilliant. If you like to read books of the genre chick-lit/women’s fiction, then you would want to try Escape to Giddywell Grange by Kim Nash.

Many thanks to Rachel for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour. Thanks to Hera Books for the ARC.

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