Palm Trees in the Pyrenees by Elly Grant


Title: Palm Trees in Pyrenees (Death in the Pyrenees #1)

Author: Elly Grant

Published on: 24th October 2011

Genre: Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I have something to say before I start with the blurb. Why didn’t I come across this series before????? Many thanks to Rachel for introducing me to this series because I am going to read the other books in the near future! Yep!

I am going to quote the first part of the blurb from GR.

Take one rooky female cop
Add a dash or two of mysterious death
And a heap of prejudice and suspicion
Place all in a small French spa town
And stir well
Turn up the heat
And simmer until thoroughly cooked
The result will be surprising

The result is definitely surprising! Definitely! The ending had me gawping! It felt like everything around me was on a standstill and I was just sitting there, blinking and wondering what on Earth just happened? I mean, really, Danielle???? Oh my!

Okay, end of drama. Let me get back to the blurb now. Meet Danielle. The narrator of the story and the only woman cop in the small Pyrenean town. She’s not on good terms with her mother and the poor girl is not to be blamed. A mother favouring her dead son over her alive daughter? Hmm. Danielle deserves a promotion but when the time comes, someone else is favoured (a male cop).

Like any other day, Danielle is on her usual rounds, writing parking tickets and all when she comes across a dead body. Danielle has never come across a dead body before and she’s terrified. But she pulls up her big girl pants and checks for a pulse before calling the station and the M.E’s office. The dead man is Steven Gold. A real estate/fraud agent. Fraud because he’s cheated a lot of people. So many had means, motive and maybe even an opportunity or two to kill the man. But it seems that the man fell off from his balcony – did someone push him? Or, was it a suicide? Or, perhaps an accident?


I was hooked on to the story from the very beginning. Danielle is an excellent narrator. The emotions, the drama, the sleuthing, Danielle does it all perfectly well. Each of the suspects seemed to have a motive to kill Steven Gold and they all have an alibi. Is one of them lying? Or, was Steven’s death really an accident?

There are so many things going on in this story but none of them goes off track from the plot. Danielle is a bait for gossip. The townspeople think she’s lesbian. Her best friend Patricia has come out of the closet so people (Danielle’s mum included) think the duo are a couple. Then there’s Rosa, Kurt, Belinda, David, Byron Alan and Charlotte – the suspects. They all have a tumultuous past and some enough have police records. So, once a criminal, always a criminal, eh?

The mystery behind the murder(s) is well-maintained throughout the story. The suspense is good too. The ending was mind-blowing! The confession!! Haww!!! I am very much looking forward to reading the other books in this series. I secretly wished Danielle and Patricia were a couple – they got along so well!! Well, there was some new beginnings as the story ended so I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in their personal lives.

There’s one thing I would like to mention about the way this story ends. I really love stories that have a unique ending. When I say unique, I do mean something that was not only totally unexpected but something that makes you say “That’s impossible!” or “I don’t believe it.” I really appreciate authors who have taken a chance and written an ending that is different from the usual. The unexpected ending is what makes this story special so hats off to you, Elly!

Many thanks to Rachel for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

2 thoughts on “Palm Trees in the Pyrenees by Elly Grant

  1. I am usually skeptical about mystery books where there are things that NEED you to suspend your beliefs to appreciate it. This sounds pretty good nonetheless and I’m glad you enjoyed it, Rekha! 😀

    1. Sometimes it’s good to read something that’s out of comfort zone isn’t it? (This coming from someone who thinks a gazillion times before venturing out of comfort zone… 😂😂😂😂)

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