Stir Up by Annabelle Hunter

Title: Stir Up (Lark Davis Mysteries #2)

Author: Annabelle Hunter

Published on: 1 July 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Stir Up is the second book in Annabelle Hunter’s Lark Davis Mystery series.

Lark Davis is recovering from her previous ‘deadly’ adventure that almost got her killed. She was rescued from the clutches of a killer by Captain America. Nope, not the Marvel fella. This one’s a detective by the name of Brecken but he looks like Chris Evans – blond hair and good looks and all that.

But trouble is brewing in the lovely land of Lark and Brecken. Brecken seems to be distancing himself from her and Lark is downright pissed! Shiitake Mushrooms!! Lark has a new client now – Abby. Abby’s horse – Bon seems to be acting weird for the past couple of months and hence a change of trainer – from Emily to Lark. But Emily comes over and creates a nuisance. She wants the horse she raised back.

Bon’s vet Connor is one heck of a handsome fella. He asks Lark to show him Barrow Bay and she readily agrees. But things go awry when Bon falls sick and dies on route to the hospital. Lark is devastated, especially when Abby’s husband threatens to ruin Lark’s name and dressage business.


Stir Up is the second book in this series but can be read as a standalone. However, I recommend you to start with book #1 because this cozy series is super quirky and I do not want you to miss any of the quirkiness. 😀😀

Annabelle Hunter is absolutely brilliant – be it her storytelling or quirky plots or quirky characters. You will laugh so hard that your tummy would start to hurt!

You also get to learn a lot of swear words. Fudge Buckets of snickerdoodles! Shiitake Shrews! Shiitake Mushrooms! I was discussing this (funny swear words thingy) with my friend. He said his colleague uses similar words. So I am going to quote Scott O’Brien’s (friend’s colleague) words – Sweet Merciful Crap. Shit on a Stick ( not the kind of popsicle that anybody would like. Ugh!) Lark, looks like you have some competition! 😉

If the first book (Leg Up) was all about Lark finding body pieces on her porch, the second was about a dead horse, FBI agent named Unimportant (not his real name), Lark being confused between choosing Brecken or Connor, Jen having problems with Mr Unimportant and much more! Phew! Neigh!


Lark is a super cool mom. Her daughter Hailey prefers carrots and hummus for dinner while Lark prefers… Cereals with marshmallows. Umm! Okay, apart from this one ‘incident’, Lark is a good mom. Period.

The one scene that I totally, like TOTALLY!!, found hilarious was when Connor and Lark go on a date. I won’t give details here but the people of Barrow Bay are way too Crazy! Crazy with a capital C.

Well, with a handsome fella like Captain America in the story, one can expect a rescue mission of sorts. No spoilers here. 😀 The ending was <insert action hero sequence here>

The characters are very, very likeable. The story is well-paced and the mystery is well-maintained until the end. Stir Up is an entertaining, enjoyable and quirkalicious story!

By the way, Lark might have solved the mystery behind Bon’s death but I cannot say the same about her love life. I am waiting to see what happens next. John reveals shocking news and Lark is out of words as the story ends. The next book is releasing this month and I can’t wait to read it!

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  1. Great review! This is a series I haven’t heard of, but will now be adding to my TBR. Love your blog BTW. I love seeing so many mysteries.

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