Song for a Lost Kingdom II by Steve Moretti

Title: Song for a Lost Kingdom II

Author: Steve Moretti

Genre: Fantasy

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This is the second book in this series and cannot be read as a standalone. I feel the need to specify the ‘cannot be read as a standalone’ part because I have seen a couple of reviews – on blogs and GR; people give a low rating stating that they weren’t aware of the fact that the book was a part of a series!

I had absolutely loved the first book in this series. The concept of music and time travel sounded really good. In fact, I was waiting to read the second book in this series and a year later, here we are!

Giving you a gist of what happened in the first book before moving on to the review. Adeena Stuart is a wannabe musician. When she finally gets a chance to play for a famous orchestra, her happiness knows no limits. She comes across an ancient cello – named the Duncan Cello. As Adeena starts to play the cello, she finds herself in a different place and at a different time. She’s time traveled three hundred years into the past, where she was known as Katherine, a famous cello player.

What happens next is a whirlwind of romance and more of time travel. Adeena soon falls sick (in 2018) and doctors discover a tumor in her brain. The more she time travels, the faster the tumor growth. Before anybody could stop her, she returns to the past. – end of book 1.


In book 2, Adeena is still in a coma and the doctors are perplexed. Her parents’ relationship also seems to be going through turbulent waters. Frederich Lang, the man who stole Adeena’s music and claimed it as his own is up to some dirty tricks. Adeena’s tumour seems to be growing too and the doctors want to try something new.

Adeena/Katherine is still in the mid-1700s. James, the man she’s in love with, has to fight for his prince. The upcoming war separates the lovers for a while and Adeena knows how it is all going to end – after all, she’s from the future! Adeena tries to make small changes in her present life (i.e. the past/1740’s) and it somehow reflects in the present.

The reason I enjoyed the first book was because of the time travel thingy. Adeena traveling to the past and back and the growth of tumor in her brain somehow related to her time traveling adventures sounded super exciting. But, the second book did not live up to my expectations.

I expected to read more of Adeena’s adventures. Instead, the story concentrates on all the other characters – especially James and Prince Charles and the war. Adeena was like a guest character in this story and I was slightly disappointed about this. The other characters and their stories – Frederich Lang and his evil doings, William and Jackie’s lives, Tara and Phillipe, and doctors Chung and Benjamin – these were pretty interesting additions to the story. Adeena is still stuck in the past, rather, she chooses to live in the past. Prince Charles and his stubbornness, James wanting to marry but the prince having other opinions about it, the war, the violence and mistreatment of women, it was a bit too much.

Also, as the book ended, I felt that certain explanations weren’t satisfactory enough. The unexpected twist as the story ended left me gawking! It was a pretty good twist and I did not see it coming! However, it was not something that I expected to read – not the type of ending that I wanted to read.

Nevertheless, this was an interesting read. As I had already read and liked the first book, I did not find it difficult to navigate through the story. The character portrayal is excellent and so is the pacing and the mystery. If you like to read mysteries that include time travel and history, then you might want to give this series a try.

Many thanks to Shalini for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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