Beyond the Gravy by Mandy Morton

beyond the gravy

Hettie Bagshot and Tilly Jenkins run The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency. When the local psychic, Irene Peggledrip, is haunted by a group of 7 ghosts (cats), she comes to the detective duo for help. The feline duo know nothing about ghosts nor do they believe in one until Cranberry Flannel pays them a visit or two.

Meanwhile, the nasty-tempered postmistress, Lavender Stamp, has a surprise for Tilly. Tilly has won a competition to take afternoon tea with the famous crime author – Agatha Crispy. The winner is also allowed to bring in a plus one – Hettie in this case.

Will the feline duo lay the seven ghosts to rest? Will Molly Bloom’s new cafe survive the seance? With ghosts, a meet with their favourite author, a nightmarish stay at The Murderer’s Arm and much more, these felines have their paws full.

Oh my! What a hoot! What more can a cat lover ask for!!! A story about cat detectives living in a cat world! Wow! How did I miss reading this series before?!!

I am a cat person. Only a cat lover understands how different felines are from other animals. Cats understand you – no matter how stubborn they act, they are intelligent. Mandy is, no doubt, a cat lover. She has managed to capture every, I mean EVERY!!, action/emotion/attitude/nature of a cat perfectly.

Hettie and Tilly are the sweetest of the furry felines! Hettie is sophisticated while Tilly is one of the happy-go-lucky types. You know, there are certain books that give you tummy aches. Yes, you read that right! You will laugh so hard that your tummy hurts! This is one such book. From the yap-yap-yapping cat who fails to see an extra shrimp on his plate to a feline who loves to catfight, the story is hilarious.

Well, if Agatha Christie is famous for her detective novels in the human world, the cat world is not behind! Meet Agatha Crispy, the feline crime author whose books are well-known in the cat world. Some of her masterpieces include Three Blind Mice, Dead Cat’s Folly and Dumb Witness.

The ‘cat’racters are adorable! And very, very likeable. The story is well-paced and the ‘cat’ suspense is well-maintained. By the way, have you heard of Omeow Khayyam, a Persian cat of great renown?

Did I not mention that Beyond the Gravy is a laughter riot? The ‘cat’ ghosts might twitch your whiskers so you might want to make yourself cozy under a blanky or near a fireplace. The feeling you get after reading this book is similar to that of a cat who gets a bowl of cream. Smack, Smack!

Put your paws up and twitch your whiskers because I am highly recommending this book! A must-read for cats and cat lovers! (Don’t tell me that cats can’t read! )



Writing Style: 5 bowls of cream

Plot/Story: 5 fat mice

Character Development: 5 buckets of shrimp

Ending: 5 types of cheese


Overall Rating: 5 paws!



Title: Beyond the Gravy (No 2 Feline Detective Agency)

Author: Mandy Morton

Published on: 16th May 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Purchase Links: | Book Depository


Many thanks to Farrago and NetGalley for the ARC.

Featured Image Credits: NetGalley

A conversation between me and Miss Puddykins.

Me: Puddy, do you believe in ghosts?

Puddy looks around as if there are ghosts floating by. I too look around but I do not see anything.

Me: Have you seen a ghost?

Puddy starts to stare at me with her lime-green eyes.

Me: Huh? Do I look like a ghost to you?

Puddy’s still staring at me, playing a game of Cat-ton’s law of staring…

I must say, after this ‘eye-opening’ conversation with my pet, I am spooked. Do ghosts get spooked???

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