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I am back!!!

Hello everyone! I am back! I am fit as a fiddle, why do you giggle, oh wow, look, a beagle! Okay, before you guys think that I am have gone crazy, let me tell you… I might be crazy because my mother never had me tested. 😉

I am feeling much, much better (proof in the previous paragraph!). I hardly used to sleep for more than two hours since mid-June. But now my sleep is better. A visit to the doctor and change of meds later, I am feeling good. 🙂

Thank you for your comments and support. It felt so good to know that my blog family is there for me. 🙂 You are all invited for a piece (or two) of Devil’s food cake and coffee. I can bake a mean Devil’d food cake – the one that melts in your mouth. It tastes even more delicious when topped with hot chocolate sauce. As a south Indian, I can only offer you filter coffee – the only coffee that I have tasted and liked. (Not a coffee drinker, you see…)

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  1. Great to see you back. Spam comments can be quite entertaining in their bizarreness. I think JJ at The Invisible Event once got one with a gypsy curse in, or something. Least wordpress is reasonably good at catching them so they don’t end up on your posts.

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