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I am back!!!

Hello everyone! I am back! I am fit as a fiddle, why do you giggle, oh wow, look, a beagle! Okay, before you guys think that I am have gone crazy, let me tell you… I might be crazy because my mother never had me tested. 😉

I am feeling much, much better (proof in the previous paragraph!). I hardly used to sleep for more than two hours since mid-June. But now my sleep is better. A visit to the doctor and change of meds later, I am feeling good. 🙂

Thank you for your comments and support. It felt so good to know that my blog family is there for me. 🙂 You are all invited for a piece (or two) of Devil’s food cake and coffee. I can bake a mean Devil’d food cake – the one that melts in your mouth. It tastes even more delicious when topped with hot chocolate sauce. As a south Indian, I can only offer you filter coffee – the only coffee that I have tasted and liked. (Not a coffee drinker, you see…)

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By the way, I have been getting a lot of spam lately. Not just spam comments, spam emails too – the spammers use my contact form! *Rolls eyes* First I got a comment saying that a doctor somebody got her back with her ex-lover so I should also consult Doctor somebody to get back with my ex-lover. Ex what now? Doctor somebody or nobody, ex is called ‘ex’ for a reason!!

Then comes a couple of spam emails – Dear BookDecoder, blah, blah, blah, register to our SEO blah, blah, $49 only. Click here to unsubscribe. The buggers had subscribed my blog to some ‘blah blah’. Seriously! Blah, blah! I also received an email about investing my money in bitcoins! Cryptocurrency blah blah!

It doesn’t end here! I used to get a couple of comments on one of the reviews – “click here to view <adult site link> “! No matter what filter I set, I still found such comments in my spam folder! I finally had to disable comments for that post. One of my blogger friends told that she too had received such comments. Since when has WordPress turned to spam press??

Okay, Rant over.

I will try to catch up with some of your posts today and tomorrow.

End of post. 😀


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  1. Great to see you back. Spam comments can be quite entertaining in their bizarreness. I think JJ at The Invisible Event once got one with a gypsy curse in, or something. Least wordpress is reasonably good at catching them so they don’t end up on your posts.


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