You’ve Been Volunteered by Laurie Gelman

you've been volunteered

Title: You’ve Been Volunteered

Author: Laurie Gelman

Published on: 23 July 2019

Genre: Women’s Fiction

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jen Dixon is back as Class Mom! With Max in third grade, Laura touring in Europe with her boyfriend and his band, Ron busying himself with his yoga sessions and whatnot, and Jen’s ageing parents needing some parenting themselves, Jen gets pulled in all directions. Oh yes, did I not mention that she’s Class Mom too? She has to organize stuff, send mailers, host events…phew! Supermom Jen!

This is the first Laurie Gelman book that I read and oh boy, didn’t I love it!

Jen is a  funny, sarcastic at times, cool-dude mom/daughter/wife. Her kids need her and then they don’t and they need her again! Ron is having a brainstorming session of his own. Nina, her best friend, has moved to Kansas City with her daughter, Chyna and boyfriend, Garth.

Jen’s daughters might no longer be kids and live far away but Jen still misses them. They, however, want their own space and think that mommy is poking her nose into their lives way too often! Meanwhile, Max is going through I-Love-You mom, Don’t-Bother-Me mom phase.

Oh, the parents! Well, some can be pretty nasty, especially since Jen is sarcastic at times. Max has found a new friend at school. The boy brings lots of interesting stuff to school every day – the new cool boy in town! Or, maybe not so, after a little incident that introduces Jen to his scowling mum, Alison.

With Peetsa, Sylvie, Ravi, Asami, Alison and all the other mums, Jen has a time of her life! It doesn’t there, on the home front, the girls are up to something and so are her parents. To add to his hullabaloo are Rolly and Janine.

School politics, humor, love and family, this book was a charming read! As the blurb suggests, you will be hooked on to the story, wanting to know what happens next. Oh, and the emails that Jen sends – super hilarious! Go Class Mom!


I also got a chance to ask Laurie some questions.

Hi Laurie and welcome to my blog. Tell me and my readers about yourself.

Well let’s see, I guess I’m your typical New York City mom with a great husband, two beautiful daughters and a passion for Soul Cycle and Starbucks. I came to writing a bit later in life but I’m glad I found it! 

What inspired you to write Class Mom?

Class Mom came out of the frustrations I had being the actual class mom for my daughters’ classes. What I thought was going to be a super fun way to get involved in school became a pride swallowing, cash sucking nightmare! (Not really, but you get the gist) 

Is the main character Jen Dixon based on someone you know? A Class Mom perhaps?

Jen is most definitely based on the kind of class mom I would like to be if I had the courage, wit, and patience. But I have to admit the emails she writes to her class are very similar to the ones I wrote to my class.

What’s next for Jen Dixon? Can your readers see her being the PTA president someday? (She might feel nice to boss around people for a change)

Ha! I would love to see Jen as PTA president, but not quite yet. In You’ve Been Volunteered she’s back as class mom but now has the added responsibility of being in charge of the safety patrol. If there is another story to be told after this one, who knows? Jen may find herself in charge of the school fundraiser, or the soccer team! 

What’s next for Laurie Gelman? Other than the Class Mom series, any more bookish plans? (Planning to write a new series or so)

I have been working on a more serious book for a couple of years and I hope to finish it and see if people enjoy my storytelling beyond the Class Mom hilarity. Other than that I will just be home trying to adjust to my oldest leaving for college!

You've Been Volunteered!

To: Grades K-6 Parents
From: J Dixon
Re: Safety Patrol
Date: 9/10

Greetings Losers!

And when I call you losers it’s only because I am the winner! I am the parent who has been chosen to spearhead the new fifth-grade safety patrol program at our school. Boo-ya!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jen Dixon. I’m the mother of a third grader at this fine learning establishment and I am excited to get this show on the road. While Marge DeJOnes’ granddaughter has been doing a great job filling in helping our kiddos cross the street safely, it’s time we let our fifth graders take the helm (or the stop sign as it were) and show what responsible young people they have become… we hope. The kids’ schedule has already been set but parents will need to help supervise, morning from 7.45 to 8.30 and afternoons from 2.45 to 3.30.

I will post the schedule as soon as I have made it. Please check to see if and when you have been assigned. If you have a conflict and can’t make your day, it is up to you to find a replacement. Do not I repeat do not email me. You will only get a poop emoji in reply.

Perks of the job include all the hot chocolate you can drink, a bird-eye view of how kids really behave and the school’s undying gratitude.

No, don’t thank me, thank-YOU!


Jen Dixon

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