A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores by Laura Briggs

A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores Amazon Cover

Title: A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores (A Little Hotel in Cornwall #2)

Author: Laura Briggs

Published on: 23rd July 2019

Genre: Romance/Chick-lit

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores is the second book in A Little Hotel in Cornwall Series. This is a short and sweet feel-good novella. Although it does end on a cliffhanger-of-sorts, the more I read about Maisie, the more I am liking this series. 🙂

Maisie Clark aka Marjorie Kinnan has moved from the US of A to a tiny Cornish village in the middle of nowhere. She wants to get into the prestigious mentorship program but she wants her favourite author to recommend her for it. Alistair Davies, the author she’s totally in awe of, is a very shy and keeps-to-himself kinda guy. With no photographs of him, his fans have no idea as to how he looks.

As Maisie starts to work at the Penmarrow Hotel, she makes new friends. And one handsome man, in particular, catches her attention, or, should I say, steals her heart a tad? Maisie was convinced that Sidney Daniels was Alistair Davies but she was wrong. The first book ends with Maisie planning to stay in Cornwall – her employer, Mr Trelawney knows her real identity and lets her stay there.


A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores (second book) starts with Maisie and others waiting for a birthday party celebration. The Earl of Middlewhite has decided to celebrate his hundredth birthday in Penmarrow Hotel. The notable guests include a psychic medium named Natalie and Alistair Davies. As Natalie reveals dark secrets of each of Middlewhite family members, Maisie is afraid that her secret would be out too.

As the story proceeds, one gets to see the budding friendship between Sidney and Maisie, After all, maybe she did do the right thing by staying back in Cornwall… Riley, one of the cheesy employees at the hotel manages to get himself into an ugly drama. This was an interesting inclusion to the story as one gets to see Mr Trelawney’s caring side. ( as the story ends, that is)

With an All Hallows’ Eve party at the vicarage and a psychic in Penmarrow, Maisie has the time of her life. The only thing missing though is her meeting Alistair Davies. But I have a strong feeling that in one of the future books in this series, Maisie will no longer long to meet him. 🙂

A Spirited Girl on Cornish Shores is a wonderful feel-good novella and a perfect All Hallows’ Eve read. 🙂

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Thanks to Rachel for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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