Deadline with Death by Zara Keane

deadline with death

Title: Deadline with Death (Time-Slip Mysteries #1)

Author: Zara Keane

Published on: 21st June 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Deadline with Death is the first book in the Time-Slip Mysteries series. The concoction of time travel and cozy mystery is what drew me to this book.

The 150-year-old castle where Dee works houses a newspaper office (the Chronicle), a museum, Mayor’s office and much more. Dee is used to Ireland’s erratic weather – you never know when the clouds turn dark and it starts to pour cats and dogs! Dee is on her way to pick her grandmother up for an appointment with the doctor when the clouds turn purple! Dee is so amazed to see such a wonderful event that she decides to take a picture or two. She finds herself thrown away and conks her head. She sees the clown in the purple haze, staggering towards her. He’s been shot. Dee hears more gunshots in the castle and screams for help. But nobody comes to her rescue.

The clouds are now clear (no purple haze either) and she checks the clown for a pulse. She soon hears a man behind her. He’s been shot too and he falls on her. And Dee, on the clown. Sandwiched between two gunshot victims, Dee’s shocked to the core. She screams and manages to get up. The injured man is wearing a RIC uniform and he calls her Eliza. He asks her to run away – her life is also in danger, he says. By then, people stream out to see what the commotion is all about. The Garda and the EMT arrive too.

Dee finds a 100-year-old gun and cartridge. She pockets the cartridge and gives it to the Garda later on. But the gun is nowhere to be found. The man’s uniform did not look like a replica. She also finds a radium-coated watch in the evidence bag – did he time travel? Dee is curious to know more about this mystery man.


I really enjoyed this story. Though it was a tad lengthy, I liked how Keane introduced two mysteries in one story – two birds with one stone. Ting Ting! There were too many characters and I had some difficulty in remembering all their names but it didn’t stop me from liking the story.

Dee’s nana was a complete hoot! The geriatric lady is quirky, weird and an absolute poppet! Her antics make you laugh out loud. Dee’s dedication to her job was well described in the story. As a reporter, curiosity is in her blood and she finally unravels a mystery that makes her spine tingle (no spoilers here!).

I liked the concept of time travel in a cozy mystery. As this is the first book in the series, more importance was given to characters and their introduction. I wish there were more details on the time travel part of it. Having said that, I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Like Dee, even I am curious to know more about time travel.

I really cannot reveal more about the plot without making this review a spoiler. If time travelling and cozy mystery is something that you love to read, then do give this book a try and you will not be disappointed.

Deadline with Death is an entertaining, unique and enjoyable cozy mystery.

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    1. A bit lengthier than usual cozy mysteries. I think in GR this book is given as 350+ pages long. 🤔

    1. Thanks Chris😀 the story was a tad lengthy but since it was the first in the series, I guess that’s okay.

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