Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin

left fur dead

Title: Left Fur Dead (A Jules and Bun Mystery)

Author: J.M. Griffin

Published on: 25th June 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Juliette “Jules” Bridge runs a rehabilitation center for injured and abused rabbits. Her pet Bunny aka Bun is a fluffy rabbit who can converse through telepathy. Jules is now comfortable conversing with the telepathic Bun.

On a cold morning, they decide to take a stroll near the lake. Bun discovers a body. The dead man is Arthur Freeman aka Arty the mime. Jules and Arty had quite a row a few weeks ago and everybody knows about it. So when Jules finds his body, she becomes the main suspect.

Arty believed that rabbits are supposed to roam in the wild and not caged in a barn. This is what caused a row between him and Jules. With a break-in soon after the row, Jules believed that the burglar was none other than Arty. But even after Arty’s death, someone breaks into the barn and tries to free the rabbits. Did Arty have an accomplice? Did things go so wrong between them that Arty ended up dead?


Left Fur Dead is the first book in A Jules and Bun mystery. This is a wonderful cozy mystery and a great start to a brand new series.

I absolutely loved Bun! He’s cute, adorable and fluffy! He’s also a tad stubborn and bossy but I guess once you pamper a pet, they tend to get a bit bossy. 😉 Jules is a kind-hearted young woman. She cares for those around her – bunnies included. Her love for the injured and abused pets is well depicted throughout the story. Bun was also abused by his previous owner. There are times when he reminisces those painful memories and Jules gives him a tight hug and consoles him. Aww!!!

Jessica is a would-be vet who helps Jules in looking after the bunnies. When Jessica learns that Jules’ life might be in danger, she offers to stay with her until the perp is caught. I really liked their budding friendship. Also, Jules is a wonderful friend. When Jessica reveals her plan to open a clinic in the barn after her graduation, Jules readily agrees. Not just that, she sells her parents’ old furniture and contributes the earning to Jessica’s clinic building fund. How sweet is that?

The suspense is maintained very well throughout the story. Although Bun does make a comment about he not being comfy with a particular someone and they might be Arty’s killer, the mystery behind the killer’s identity was well concealed until the end. Andrew Stone’s role in the story was an interesting addition. The local policeman Inspector Carver cares for Jules. He warns her not to poke her nose into this case but Bun and Jules are adamant – Bun mostly. From the moment he discovers the dead body, Bun’s eager to solve the case. 😀 😀

Jules is a tad careless when it comes to amateur sleuthing. She’s been told off by the police and the killer but she doesn’t take a no for an answer. It gets her into trouble a lot many times! Uh huh!

Overall, this was an entertaining and entertaining cozy mystery. Bun is the star of the show – he’s such a cutie patootie! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I am looking forward to reading more of Jules and Bun’s adventures. (As the story ends, Bun is hopping around asking Jules about the next mystery that they are going to solve. 😀 😀 )

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