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End of another quarter and here I am with my progress report! Last time I said time flies and I was wrong. Time travels faster than the speed of light. 😛 I think I am stuck in a time-warp of sorts because I still feel that it’s Feb and my birthday is yet to come. (I am a March baby!) Like that song by Dr Dre, Eminem and Skylar – I Need a Doctor, I guess I should call the Doctor, the roams who around in a TARDIS! Coz I need to be brought back to the present. 😛

I am participating in four reading challenges this year. So far, the number of books read for Vintage Mystery Challenge, British Crime Classics Challenge and Craving for Cozies seems to be growing. Excuse my pun, The Untouched Bookshelf Challenge is the only challenge that remains ‘untouched’.

I do not see a point in linking all the entries for the above-mentioned challenges here because the list is going to be a long one.

In my Jan-March post, the number of books read for the challenges looked something like this:

British Crime Classics Challenge: 11 books

Vintage Mystery Challenge: 9 books (all these are in BCCC too)

Craving for Cozies: 18 books

Untouched Bookshelf Challenge: One!!

So, for this quarter, the number of books read for the challenges are:

British Crime Classics Challenge: 11 books

Vintage Mystery Challenge: 9 books (all are in BCCC too)

Craving for Cozies: 21 books (some reviews are yet to be posted)

Untouched Bookshelf Challenge: Ahem! *cough* zero *cough*

Looks like the 11 books for BCCC and 9 for VMC seems to be a trend that I am following here – unknowingly. I have a couple of Molly Thynne, Patricia Wentworth and Christie books in my kindle so hopefully, BCCC and VMC counts will increase by next quarter. Look at me, I am talking about quarters and stuff like I am the CEO of a company and I am presenting the quarterly profits to the general public!! Lol!

Vintage Mystery Challenge is still open for sign-up so if you want to give it a try then please do so. Bev is the host and here’s the link to her website:

I host the British Crime Classics Challenge – no sign-up deadline. I know I said at least one review per month but feel free to break the rule. Also, if you do not have a blog or don’t review it on Goodreads or anywhere else but still want to participate in this challenge, you are most welcome to do so. Just send me an email (see contact page) or DM on twitter and let me know that you want to participate. I can also share your list of books read for BCCC on twitter or FB or here if you want me to. So go on, chop-chop!

Untouched Bookshelf Challenge is hosted by Dora and the sign-up is open all year round, just like BCCC. Link to the sign-up post is here. The sign-up for Craving for Cozies closes by Jan.

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