The Dinner in the Sky by Anne John-Ligali

The Dinner in the Sky

Title: The Dinner in the Sky (Friendships Online #3)

Author: Anne John-Ligali

Published on: 31st May 2019

Genre: Chick-lit, Romance

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Constance is struggling between her failed relationship with Maxwell, her autistic son and a twitter troll. On her weekend at the spa with her friend Estelle, she met a handsome masseur with whom she connected well. The guy, Julio, even accepted to beta read her book.

Everybody is waiting for the red carpet event of The Dinner In The Sky. The girls – Karmel, Estelle and Constance, are shopping for posh dresses and whatnot. But something’s bothering Constance. A tweeter by the name GrimReTweeter is trolling. His tweets go from harmless to disgusting.

Meanwhile, Wayne, Charlie’s biological dad makes an appearance. Maxwell’s wife is also in the picture and Constance is in a mess. With her child’s father and ex-fiance and all the hullabaloo, she finds some respite in spending time with Julio. But something weird is going on with Julio.


The identity of the tweeter was shocking. And Constance comes face to face with the troll and there is a fun scene here. Julio’s role was an entertaining addition to the story. Constance is portrayed as a strong single mother who tries to keep it all together, irrespective of the fact that her life seems to be falling apart. Maxwell cannot seem to get over Constance but she isn’t ready to forgive or get back with him. She’s now found love, or at least, she thinks she has.

I really liked the ending. There was an emotional scene in there and it made the ending charming. Constance juggling between home and work gave the story an emotional touch. It was nice to see that she was really good at managing both.  Overall, it was an entertaining story. Though a bit cheesy, I found this to be an engaging read.

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