Thriller Novels by Derek Lambert

Derek Lambert (10 October 1929- 10 April 2001) served in the RAF for two and a half years before changing his career to journalism. As a foregin correspondent for the Daily Express, he got to travel to exotic locations which later inspired his novels.

Lambert has written over 30+ books over the years, the most famous amongst them being Spanish Lessons, Cold War Thriller novels and Blackstone series.

Harper Impulse and Killer Reads (A part of Harper Collins) republished a few of Lambert’s thriller novels in 2017 and I got a chance to read them all. If your favorite authors include Frederick Forsyth, Ken Follet and the likes, then you will probably love Lambert’s Cold War thriller series.


Thriller novels by Derek Lambert(2)


Being a huge fan of war thrillers, I enjoyed most of his books. My favourites include The Judas Code, I Said the Spy, Red Dove, Saint Peter’s Plot and Vendetta.



judas code


The British Intelligence have concocted a brilliant plan to lure Germany and Russia to fight against each other, thus saving Britain from the wrath of Hitler’s Blitz and firebombs. But the plan lays in the hands of one man – Josef Hoffman. But who is Hoffman? And where do his loyalties really lie?




i said the spy


Each year a nucleus of the wealthiest and most influential members of the Western world meet to discuss the future of the world’s superpowers at a secret conference called Bilderberg.

A glamorous millionaire just sighting loneliness from the foothills of middle age … a French industrialist whose wealth matches his masochism and meanness … a whizz-kid of the seventies conducting a life-long affair with diamonds, these are just three of the Bilderbergers who have grown to confuse position with invulnerability. A mistake which could prove lethal when a crazed assassin is on the loose…




The Red House


It is the 1960’s and Vladimir Zhukov is the new second secretary at the Soviet Embassy in Washington. Seeing what life is really like in the US, he discovers that there is much more to America than what is portrayed in the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, his wife, a former Komsomol, does not enjoy the ‘advanced culture’ of the west. With Natasha(Vladimir’s daughter) falling in love with an American, will Vladimir remain loyal to mother Russia? Or will he defect to the States?




yermakov transfer


The Trans-Siberian Express has left Moscow carrying the most powerful, closely guarded man in the Soviet Union – and also the man who plans to kidnap him.

Tension aboard the train is at a maximum. The KGB has checked and double checked. But as Vasily Yermakov, the Soviet leader, tries to sleep on the first night in his cabin, he has an uneasy feeling that something is about to go wrong.




angels in the snow


This is Lambert’s first novel. More of a literary fiction than a ‘cold war thriller’, this book gives ther eader a sneak peek into the lives of Western Community in post Stalin Moscow. How thier apartments and vehicles are bugged and monitored at all times. They are followed by men in black cars (The KGB). Traitors, Espionage, Soviet Secret Service and much more.




The man who was saturday


Robert Calder defected to Russia after being somewhat brain-washed by Gary Holden, his friend. Although, Gary turned anti-communist soon after, leaving Calder to carve his own path. After the famous war of ‘nam and the death of Calder’s brother, Robert Calder defects to Russia, abandoning his wife, Ruth, and son, Harry.

After living in Russia for five years, Robert Calder wants to re-defect. He wants to return to America. Calder learns about the ‘accidental deaths’ of other defectors. Calder learns of his son’s accident and he decides to flee. He promises to reveal a dark secret about the KGB agents in exchange for his safe passage to the USA.




red dove


As the Soviet space-shuttle Dove orbits 150 miles above the earth on its maiden flight, Warsaw Pact troops crash into Poland. The seventy-two-year-old President of America wants to be re-elected, and for that, he needs to win the first stage of the war in space: he needs to capture the Soviet space shuttle. But as the President plans his coup, nuclear-armed shuttle speeds towards target America – and only defection in space can stop it.





WW2 is at its end. The Allied troops and the Russian Army was moving towards Berlin. Hitler is almost defeated but he continues to fight. Meanwhile, a few of Hitler’s faithful followers plot to save Hitler from the war. Titled operation Grey Fox, the plot is to prevent Hitler from committing suicide. Even Hitler’s right hand – Himmler, is unaware of Operation Grey Fox. Kurt Wolff, an SS commander is chosen for this mission.




vendetta derek lambert


Germans are at war with the Russians – Battle of Stalingrad. The harsh Russian winter is taking a toll on the German soldiers and they have almost lost the war. But defeat is not something that they are willing to accept. Meanwhile, two snipers are at a war of their own. Karl Meister, a German sniper, and Yury Antonov, a Russian sniper are on a killing spree.

To boost the morale of their fellow soldiers, the two men must now compete in a duel – orders from the high command (Hitler and Stalin). Dead heroes or living legends? Only time will tell…



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