How (Not) To Date A Prince by Zoe May

Title: How (Not) to Date a Prince

Author: Zoe May

Published on: 4th May 2018

Genre: Romance. Chick-lit

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Samantha doesn’t believe in love anymore. After being left at the altar by whom she called the love of her life, she doesn’t believe in second chances. It’s been three years now since that traumatic episode but Samantha doesn’t like the ‘W’ word. A political reporter, Sam is given the chance to cover a royal wedding. She’s hesitant, after all, it’s a wedding and any wedding reminds Sam of her own ‘failed’ wedding.

She meets whom she thinks to be a reporter at The Daily Chronicle – Anders. With his blue eyes, blond hair and muscular figure, Sam finds herself drooling over the very sight of Anders. Sam, the girl who doesn’t believe in Love is actually falling in love!


A commoner marrying a prince is a fairy-tale come true, isn’t it? The story started on a really good note. Sam is married to her work. Well, since Ajay left her for a girl named Candy (Yes, Ajay likes Candy, excuse my pun!), Sam is married to her work. She doesn’t believe in love, not any more, thanks to Ajay.

She’s given a chance to cover the royal wedding – a reporter’s dream come true. But not Sam’s dream. She doesn’t like weddings anymore, royal or otherwise. She tells her boss that she doesn’t want to do the wedding reporting but he doesn’t take a no for an answer.

Sam meets a handsome hunk on the elevator. With the building hosting two newspaper offices, Sam mistakes him to be working for the Daily Chronicle. She keeps meeting him often – at the flower arrangement, the cake tasting and much more. But as the reader gets to see more and more of Anders, it is pretty obvious that Anders is not your normal nosy reporter.

I really liked the first half of the book. The reader is given a gist of Sam’s past and her current life situation. And the part up to where she meets Anders is interesting. As a fellow reporter, it is pretty obvious that she will see more of him at the cake tasting, flower arrangement and all that. But it became a tad monotonous with Anders and Sam ‘accidentally’ meeting each other everywhere, especially when it was pretty obvious that Anders was there for a different purpose.

The second half of the story was a tad unexpected. Too many things seemed to happen at once and the story seemed a bit shaky. The twist in the story could have been a bit better – the revelation and the consequences soon after were okay. But Sam’s transformation in the second half was shocking. Especially the drama at the wedding was uncalled for. The ending was pretty obvious, no doubt about it. The only thing that I didn’t like about the story was Sam’s behavior in the last few chapters.

Overall, it was an okay read. How (Not) to Date a Prince is a Cinderella-like story with a tinge of silliness, weirdness and humor.

Thank you, Rachel, from Rachel’s Random Resources, for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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