Coming Home to Wishington Bay by Maxine Morrey

coming home to wishington bay

Title: Coming Home To Wishington Bay

Author: Maxine Morrey

Publication Date: 1st May 2019

Genre: Rom-com, Women’s Fiction

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Holly doesn’t have time for a holiday but when her panic attacks take a toll on her well being, she is forced to take a sabbatical. She returns to her late grandmother’s house in Wishington Bay where she meets her grandmother’s tenant – Gabe.

Gabe is an Aussie, a handsome “hot” pediatrician who sweeps Holly off her feet. Having gone through a heart-breaking relationship in the past – she and Paul were going so strong together until his fiance turned up one day – Holly has lost hope in finding “the one.” Ned, Holly’s brother, and his wife Carrie are expecting their first child. The husband-wife duo tries to set up Holly on blind dates but it never works out.

When they call Holly for dinner and there are four plates on the table, Holly thinks she’s in for a blind date again. But it so happens that Gabe is Ned and Carrie’s friend and they just happened to invite him too. With the handsome hunk next door and coming to terms with her grandmother’s death, Holly is in for a summer of a lifetime.

Oh my, isn’t this one of the cutest story ever or what?! Holly has heartbreak and she consoles herself by working so hard that she ends up with a health issue. Her panic attacks grow worse and worse until one fine day when she drops at her boss’s cabin. She’s given two options – take a sabbatical or quit.


Holly takes a sabbatical and goes to Wishington Bay. Her late grandmother, Gigi, has left her the house. Holly decides to spend her sabbatical renovating the house so that she can sell it. Her neighbour is a handsome hunk named Gabe. As the story proceeds, Holly and Gabe’s friendship develops to something beautiful. Bryan, Gabe’s dog, and Holly form quite a bond – their trips to the village and beach makes Holly feel better and better.

Though not alive, Gigi played an important role in Holly’s life and this is well explained in the book. My two favourite characters in the book are, no doubts about this one, Holly and Gabe. I loved Holly’s transformation as the story ended. From someone who has lost hope in finding the right one to someone who falls hopelessly in love, Holly’s transformation was adorable! Then there is Gabe, the handsome hunk who believes in a serious relationship and is looking for ‘the one’ to settle down with – oh my! Bryan, Gabe’s dog, plays cupid of sorts and he was no doubt the cutest addition to this story!

I really enjoyed Coming Home To Wishington Bay. I loved Maxine’s writing and storytelling. The sparks between Holly and Gabe was so obvious. There were times when Holly was trying to control her feelings and I felt like diving into the book to tell her to kiss Gabe or something. Seriously!

Oh yes, as the story ends there’s a twist. The twist was totally unexpected and I thought the story is going to end in a way that I could have never expected – well, it’s a love story so one can hope for the best, right? But there he was, Gabe, all handsome-y and charming, the prince on a white horse! Aww!

Coming Home to Wishington Bay by Maxine Morrey is a heart-warming story about love, grief, friendships and believing in second chances.

Well, it so happens that you have been betrayed so badly that you don’t believe in love. You have been hurt so bad that you don’t believe that you would ever find ‘the one’. You are so hopeless about finding love and then you meet him. ‘The one’ who comes into your life when you least expected him to and he sweeps you off your feet. He will make you believe in second chances in love and life. And you will feel like your life is a fairy tale come true… This is Holly’s story. 🙂

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