A Little Hotel in Cornwall by Laura Briggs

Cover Reveal-A Little Hotel in Cornwall

Title: A Little Hotel in Cornwall (A Little Hotel in Cornwall #1)

Author: Laura Briggs

Publication Date: 30th April 2019

Genre: Romance

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Maisie Clark quits her job as a waitress to pursue her childhood dream. She had always wanted to be a writer. After saving enough cash, she enrolls herself in a writing workshop. The takeaway from the workshop includes a chance to be a mentee under one of the famous authors and also, a chance to get a book published.

But lady luck doesn’t seem to like Maisie, for she’s not selected for the prestigious program. Dejected, she goes back to the diner where she worked as a waitress, hoping to get her job back. But again, lady luck plays her tricks. Maisie has no place to go now. She decides to search for a mentor so that their recommendation can get her a place at the prestigious mentorship program. She writes to her favourite author, Alistair Davies. She asks him to be her mentor. She knows that he might not accept her request. It so happens that he replies to her letter and says that he cannot help her but wishes her luck. The letter has a postmark of Cornwall and Maisie finds out that Alistair was staying at The Penmarrow Hotel in Cornwall when he wrote her the letter. She packs her bags and finds herself in front of The Penmarrow Hotel in Cornwall.

She’s mistaken for new hotel staff. Maisie decides to play along so that she can get a chance to meet her favourite author. Will Lady luck help Maisie this time?


I loved the story! It was such a charming and delightful read, it actually made me feel good about everything in life. Maisie’s transformation from a dejected waitress to a strong and independent wannabe author was superb.

On her journey to rediscovering herself, Maisie comes across certain hurdles which she manages to cross without any problem. She meets her ex-boyfriend at the hotel. They broke up because Ronnie’s (the ex) dad didn’t want him to date a waitress. Status issues here, you see. Ronnie a rich lad and Maisie a waitress – not something that Ronnie’s dad had in mind for his son. As the story proceeds, Ronnie tries to please his dad by saying that Maisie is now a different person and not just a waitress. Somewhere Ronnie was feeling bad that he mistreated Maisie.

Maisie also meets a handsome man during her stay at the hotel. Sidney Daniels. Their chemistry is mind-blowing. Although Maisie is not very keen on having a Summer fling, she cannot seem to stop thinking about Sidney.

I expected a little more romance, maybe something between Sidney and Maisie. Alistair played an important role in Maisie’s writing career but I wish he played a significant role in the story. Anyways, I think this was compensated by Sidney’s role in the story. There was more to that handsome lad then it meets the eye.

I didn’t want the story to end. I really didn’t want it to!!! Although, I wish the ending was a bit different. I wished to see a tad of romance between Maisie and Sidney in the end. Something like a scene from a Bollywood movie perhaps? The actress almost gets into the train and the hero decides that he loves her and doesn’t want her to go away. The train starts to move and the hero runs. The heroine climbs down a moving train (please don’t try this at home… Or the railway station!) and they hug each other or whatever and tadaaa, happy ending!! Okay, just saying, doesn’t mean I wanted this kind of ending in this book!

Speaking of ending, if I actually give it a second thought, I loved it. It was something different. The story was based on Maisie and how she turned her rejections to something positive. And in the end, she does decide on something that takes her on a new journey.

Thank you, Rachel, from Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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