Monthly Wrap Up

monthly wrap up


I can’t believe April’s here! March is my birthday month and I was thinking that it’s going to special and all but I was wrong! My reading slump, which started in December last year, continued through March too! I just hope things get better from April.

I have been taking three to four days to read a book! I mean, seriously! Who on earth am I? Even kitty takes less time than that to devour a squirrel! I blame it on the weather, all right. (I should blame someone or something so why not the weather? ๐Ÿ˜‰ A hot and dry weather makes you sleepy the whole day, doesn’t it? Why can’t it be cold in summers and hot in winters! Things would have been much better then, what say?

O.K. End of rant. Let’s get down to some serious book talk.

Number of books read this month: 14! Okay, not a bad number I suppose.

I binge read a couple of Peridale cafe series this month. I was thinking of reading them all – book #4 to #15 but… the weather… ahem!

Book 4:ย Chocolate Cake And Chaos

Book 5:ย Shortbread and Sorrow

Book 6:ย Espresso and Evil

Book 7:ย Macaroons and Mayhem

I buddy read Agatha Christie’s Mysterious Affairs at Styles with Anjana. Mysterious Affair at Styles is the first book in the Poirot series and I being a huge Poirot fan and all, (self-proclaimed Poirot fan!) this book was a huge disappointment. Sometimes I feel I was a tad harsh in my review and went on and on ranting about what I didn’t like in the story. But see, I do have an explanation. You always expect a lot from the best, right? The world-famous egg-shaped Belgian detective making a guest appearance in his first book – not acceptable!

You can read my rant review here:ย The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

I had downloaded a couple of books from NetGalley in December 2018 but thanks to my reading slump, I couldn’t manage to read them until March!!!! A Murderous Malady by Christine Trent was one of the books that I got from NetGalley. It’s a Florence Nightingale mystery and one of the best books that I have read this year.

You can read my review here:ย A Murderous Malady by Christine Trent

I also participated in a couple of blog tours this month. I read the books (except The Cornish Lady) a few days before the blog tours started so these made it to the list of books I read in the month of March.

Murder Between the Pages by Linda Hope Lee

The Family Secret by Terry Lynn Thomas

Clarissaโ€™s Warning by Isobel Blackthorn

The Cornish Lady by Nicola Pryce

Clarissa’s Warning was a really interesting story about murder and ghosts! Yep!! The Family Secret is a historical mystery that involves WW2 and spies and Hitler!! Yupsters!

I also read a couple of crime classics reprints this month. I also found out a new author who will soon make it to my favourite author list! It’s none other than Michael Gilbert. Oh boy, do I like his stories?! Speaking of Gilbert, I already have the next Gilbert book in my kindle – Smallbone Deceased. I read Death of a Busybody by George Bellairs. I really like his writing and hopefully, by the end of this year, I will read all his books. No, no, Rekha, one shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep…

Death of a Busybody by George Bellairs

Death in Captivity by Michael Gilbert

The Teahouse Detective: The Old Man in the Corner by Baroness Orczy

I found another interesting cozy series this month! It’s called the Silicon Valley Mystery by Marc Jedel. I reviewed the first book in the series a few days ago and have already the second one – will be posting the review on 4th of April.

Uncle and Ants by Marc Jedel

I am currently reading The Return of Mr Campion. The reprint will be published by Agora books in the first week of April. I hope I get to read more books in April. I have a couple of Patricia Wentworth and Molly Thynne books by Dean Street Press to read and review. Also, a couple of books from NetGalley and KU.ย ย I am also looking forward to the A to Z challenge which will be starting from tomorrow. I did a theme reveal a couple of days ago on my photo blog and I think the challenge is going to be exciting this year! I couldn’t participate in the A to Z challenge last year as I was doing a 365 days of photography challenge. Hopefully, someday, on Mars or Jupiter, I might accept a 365 days, 365 book reviews challenge. Maybe I won’t but I can at least think of it, right?! Hah!

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    1. You are working (plus traveling ) so I guess it’s okay to take more than a day to read a book. ๐Ÿ˜€ All I do is sit at home and yet I can’t read a book a day.

      1. I see some photos from you too. So you can’t be reading 16 hours straight. And maybe very few people have written a book which should be read in a day.There are books which I enjoy so much that I ration the reading , so that I can prolong the pleasure of being in the world that the author created.

      2. Hmm, you are right too. Although I haven’t really thought of a book in that way – ration reading so that one can enjoy the author created world for more time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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