Clarissa’s Warning by Isobel Blackthorn


Title: Clarissa’s Warning

Author: Isobel Blackthorn

Published on: 30th November 2018

Genre: Gothic Mystery

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Claire has won the lottery. She leaves her job as a bank teller to move to Spain. There had been an old house that she had set her eyes on her previous trips to the Canary Islands. With the lottery money, she decides to buy it. The owner is reluctant to sell it. When she finally offers an exorbitant amount, the owner caves into Claire’s demands.

Claire’s aunt, Clarissa is a psychologist. She’s also a believer of occult sciences. She warns Claire about her new venture. She says that Claire will go through a tough time but if she’s strong enough, it shall pass. Claire doesn’t believe in the future telling. She takes her aunt’s warning off her head and moves to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. On her first visit to the ruins, she picks up a rock which once had formed a part of the house and takes it home.

Finding a builder might have been easy but soon strange things start to happen. A worker’s tools vanish and appear magically, the rock that Claire took home seems to move on it own. Claire, who was until now living in a rented apartment is asked to move. She moves into the two renovated rooms of her house. She hears cries and whatnot at night. Is this the work of a prankster or is the poltergeist really trying to harm her?


I haven’t read a story like this before and I must say I liked it. Ruins, lottery, poltergeist, curse and silly village gossip – all this makes quite an interesting plot, doesn’t it?

As Claire moves to a new place, she meets Paco, a local waiter and photographer. It was quite charming to see their relationship grow from friendship to more. Gloria, the owner of a local cafe, who initially seemed distant, grows up to Claire in the second half of the story. After Claire’s mother’s death, Clarissa grows close to her niece and this relationship is well portrayed in the book. Claire and her dad don’t share a good bond and throughout the story, the dad is portrayed as a distant person, which again proves that their relationship was far away from repair.

The story did seem a tad slow in the first half of the book. Or maybe, it was supposed to be so as Claire had no idea about the poltergeists floating in her new home and whatnot; she seemed kinda lost at the beginning of the story. With nobody ready to reveal the real reason mainly because they have all heard many versions of the ‘truth’ or they do not want a foreigner in their midst, Claire finds herself all alone.

The second half of the book was way more interesting and entertaining than the first half. Entertaining because well, a lot of things happen which you might not want to read after the sun sets. 😉 I loved the ending. With Paco, aunt Clarissa and Claire all together, Clarissa’s final words before the story ends will bring shivers down your spine.

The story made me think if such things do happen in reality. I have heard stories of people being haunted by ghosts. Also, there are certainly havelis (huge abandoned houses) in parts of India which are supposed to be haunted. One can hear cries, screams and maybe even witness a white form floating in the house. Creepy!

As I was reading this book, I don’t know why but the word poltergeist reminded me of headless Nick from the Harry Potter series.

Clarissa’s Warning is a unique and entertaining book. If you are looking for a different kind of story, not your usual crime or fantasy of whatever genre it is that you read, then give this book a try. I enjoyed the book. And if you are like me – scared of the ghosts that lurk around at night – read this book anytime after sunrise and before sunset. On second thoughts, ghosts can go wherever they want, whenever they want, right? I mean, what is day or night to those for whom the concept of time and space does not exist?

Thank you, Rachel, from Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

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  1. I like shivers down my spine!
    And i think a story that makes you believe could happen in real life is a must.
    Great review and congratulations to Isabel.

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