The Traveling Man by Michael P. King

traveling man

Title: The Traveling Man (The Travelers #1)

Author: Michael P. King

Published on: 1st April 2015

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This is one of those books which I decided to read after seeing a lot of 4 and 5-starred reviews.

The first part of the story is very interesting, no doubt about it. The story starts with three con artists – Tom, Patty, and Buddy, planning a con job. The Yosts have a land that used to be the airforce base during the war. The land is now labelled as contaminated and no buildings can come up in that area. The Yosts are tired of filing lawsuits and losing money and case after case. That is when Ron comes into the picture.

He promises to sell the land at a considerable amount. The Yosts have to give Ron and his ‘company’ the power of attorney. Yosts agree, after all, they want the land to be sold by hook or crook. Marcia is a low-level real estate agent who has problems of her own. Her husband’s lost his job and the bugger has no plans to look for one. Buddy develops a relationship with Marcia. He poses as an agent and offers her commission on selling the Yosts’ land. Marcie ends up falling for Buddy. But Buddy’s been recording their act on a recording device – his plan for blackmail, in case the land deal goes bad.


Meanwhile, Patty is on a sinister mission too. She woos Bernie, a worker at the county office and tapes their sex act. This is her security, in case Bernie decides to blurt out him falsifying reports to the cops. Enter Big Jim Rollins – the local mobster. Tom makes a deal with Big Jim and convinces him that the Yosts’ land is good to go and up for grabs. But things go wrong when Marcia is now recruited by Big Jim and is asked to keep an eye on Buddy and his friends. When Marcia decides to back out of the deal, (she’s double-crossing the two parties), Tom offers her extra cash. This creates a rift between him and his friends.

To add to this mess, Buddy’s on a mission of his own. He decides to be a middleman in selling drugs and gets caught by the cops. He chooses to hand over Big Jim and Tom to the authorities over life-time imprisonment. Plus, he starts an affair with the patty, Tom’s partner-in-crime and wife. Buddy and Marcie kidnap Patty and when Tom goes to rescue her, Patty shoots Tom!

The story becomes a mess after that. Patty and Tom are now together and nine months later, they are now known as Rob and Pamela. They are onto another con job. Buddy appears again and tries to create havoc. The story made a huge leap, from a harmless con job to violence and torture. The second part of the story was a drag. It was boring and a repetition of the same old story, with a bit more violence and torture.

Overall, it was an okay story. I did not like the second part – the nine-months later one. And the first part of the story ended with violence and torture, which was a tad bit disappointing. Disappointing because I wasn’t expecting this. I thought it would be just a harmless con job. The ending was okay. Since Rob and Pamela are con artists, one can expect them to get away from the cops and the ending was just that. This book is the first in The Travelers series. I may or may not the second book in this series a try.

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