The Teacher by Emily Organ

London 1881, A younger teacher dies just weeks after her sister. The teacher, Miss Emma, was supposed to meet a Fleet Street reporter, Penny Green. Green was at the Lunhill School in Dulwich to gather news and witness statements from the girls who saw an elephant in their school compound. She accidentally learns about Miss Emma’s sister’s death. Later on, Miss Emma asks Miss Green to meet her the next day at the railway station but fails to appear. Green then learns that Miss Emma died in her sleep, just like her sister.

Are the school headmaster and headmistress – Mr. and Mrs. Hotham involved in these ‘accidental’ deaths of the school teachers? Penny Green decides to investigate.

The Teacher is a charming and entertaining novella in the Penny Green Mystery series. It hardly takes 45 minutes to read this story and I tell you, it is worth it! Absolutely worth it! Though it is a short story, the character and the story development are praiseworthy. A story set in the Victorian era and yet it feels like a modern-day story! (Maybe this has something to do with it being a novella)

The characters are likable. The inclusion of the elephant ‘invasion’ gave the story a nice twist. Penny Green’s curiosity and investigation skills are well portrayed in the story. The mystery behind the deaths of the two teachers/sisters was unexpected. The identity of the perp… well, that was a shocker! I cannot say more about it without making this review a spoiler.

Mr. And Mrs. Hotham were a rude and reserved couple. They did not want Penny Green to investigate. But a teacher, who was a distant cousin of Miss Emma and her cousin decides to help Penny Green in solving the murder.

If you are looking for a delightful read, then do not miss to check out The Teacher by Emily Organ. After reading this novella, I have decided to read all the books in the Penny Green Mystery series.

Theย  Teacher is available in the Kindle Store for free. You can read the other books in this series for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.


My Rating: 4.5/5




Title: The Teacher (Penny Green Short Mystery 1)

Author: Emily Organ

Published on: 19th March 2017

Genre: Novella, Historical Fiction



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