Grand Slam Murders by R.J. Lee

Title: Grand Slam Murders (A Bridge to Death Mystery #1)

Author: R.J Lee

Published on: 29 January 2019

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Four wealthy widows who make up the famous Rosalie Bridge Club die at the bridge table after drinking coffee. Marleece, the house help is the main suspect as she was the one who served them coffee. On further analysis, it is found that the four widows were poisoned – cyanide in sugar.

Wendy is a wannabe investigation journalist. Though her boss Dalton Hemmings isn’t very fond of working women, she manages to coerce him to give her the job of doing a memorable piece of the deceased. Being the daughter of a cop, her investigation skills are appreciable. She decides to find the mystery behind the four deaths and in the process, uncovers a lot of secrets that were never supposed to be out.

I loved the concept of four wealthy widows murdered while playing a game. Who on earth might the perp be? Marleece seemed innocent, and so did Arden, the gardener.  Wendy trusts Marleece but something feels off. Then comes the family of the deceased. Liddie Rose and her daughter seemed very close to each other while Hanna Lewis and her two sons were estranged. Sicily Groves had no children while Bethany Morrissey’s daughter was not-of-the-good-kind.


As the story proceeds, Wendy discovers some dark secrets and hushed up pasts of the four ladies. The Gin Girls, as they were known in Rosalie, were very famous since their school days. Paparazzi, publicity and photo shoots – the girls lived on these as teenagers. Liddie was known to have a sharp tongue. She had many enemies, after all, in any argument, hers was the last word.

I loved Lee’s writing style. It was fantastic, precise and clear. His storytelling skills are excellent – keeps the reader hooked on to the story until the end. The characters were likeable and character development as the story proceeds was really good. I liked everything about the story except for the ending. The identity of the perp was shocking and unexpected. At the same time, the reason for killing the four widows – not something that I would like to read as an ending to such a fantastic story. I cannot give any more details about the ending without making this review a spoiler and I do not wish to do that.

I loved the story, sans the ending. I wouldn’t call it a bad ending because it gives the story a unique twist. I haven’t read a story before which highlights the selfish aspects of a negative mind. So kudos to the author for trying out something different. It was unexpected and maybe I was hoping the reason for murders to be something else – something to do with the will perhaps?

Grand Slam Murder is a good start to the series and I am looking forward to reading the next book(s) in this series. R.J Lee is an excellent storyteller and there is no doubt about it. If you like cozies with a unique twist, then do check out this book.

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