The Cocktail Bar by Isabella May

Title: The Cocktail Bar

Author: Isabella May

Published on: 13 February 2018

Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

River Jackson is a former band member of the group Avalonia. He was on a tour with his band in Mexico when he meets Mercedes. She gives him a bottle of magical elixir and puts him on a search for a chosen one, or in this case, chosen three. She tells him that he will know who the three are, plus, many things in his life would become clearer as time proceeds by.

River is back in town and has opened a cocktail bar. But not all are happy with his decision, especially not his (ex) best buddy, Blake. George is altogether a different picture now. From Tom boy to seductress, Blake’s sister has undergone a total change in appearance. Will River be able to find the chosen three? Will he be able to connect all the dots that have been missing from his life so far?


I must admit that I took some time to get used to the author’s writing style. The quirky and dark sense of humor, and Blake trying to use River as a punching bag – in the beginning of the story – I was lost. Then comes George who now likes to be called Georgina. She has some really dark intentions. Alice is like a Cinderella in a lost world. As the story proceeds, all these parts of the puzzle fit in completely and the story becomes crystal clear.

How does River know who the chosen three are? Well, I would call that the main attraction of the story. Georgina starts working at the bar but all she wants is revenge. Revenge for her father’s bar being brought by River, and revenge for the harm that River cost her brother – Blake. She manages to seduce River but Alice barges into her ‘lovey-dovey’ life, creating havoc. Or at least, George thinks so!

With large pints of quirky humor and a slice or two of romance, The Cocktail Bar was a good read. I liked the way the story proceeded. From what-the-hell-is-going-on to oh-wow-that-was-unexpected, the story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride. The characters were likable. I liked the way Georgina was portrayed – vile and vicious. Alice’s character was also appreciable – the girl who had everything except parental love and support. River and his mother form a strong bond and one gets to see that from the story. And of course, since the story revolves around River and his life, it goes without saying that his characterization was interesting.

Overall, it was a fun and interesting read. I hadn’t read such an interesting and unique story before.The twist in the end was definitely worth it! You will also have a good laugh – the humor bits, though a bit dark at times, are good. There’s also a mention of a cocktail or two or ten.

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