Revenge on the Rye by Alice Castle

Title: Revenge on the Rye (London Murder Mysteries Book #5)

Author: Alice Castle

Published on: 13 December 2018

Genre: Crime and Mystery

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Beth’s friend Katie’s got a new dog – Teddy. Teddy is an unstable energy package. He can’t stay still and doesn’t miss any chance he gets to sniff another dog’s… well, you-know-what. Katie and Beth take Teddy on a walk to Peckham Rye. As soon as Katie takes off his leash, he runs away at supersonic speed. Beth and Katie start searching for the overly enthusiastic dog when Beth finds a chocolate lab sitting in the copse. As she moves ahead, she sees a body beside the lab.

Beth’s new boyfriend, Harry York is a detective inspector. And he’s not happy that Beth’s stumbled across yet another dead body. He’s angry on her but it wasn’t her intention to find a dead body in a park now, was it?

With Ben (Beth’s son) and Charlie’s (Katie’s son) interview at the most famous school – Wyatt coming up, will Beth be able to solve this murder mystery?


What a wonderful story! I came across this series pretty recently and I am looking forward to reading the first four books.

The dead guy is a renowned artist. Who might have killed him and why? Beth decides to solve the mystery and she has a lot of hurdles to cross on her way.

There are three pets in the story: Colin, the chocolate lab, was so adorable!! A well behaved dog when compared to… ahem, Teddy. Teddy is… I have no words to describe that fella! Magpie, Beth’s pet cat whose least favorite perfume is Eau de dog. She and Colin play a very nice game of I-don’t-like-you-when-my-owner-is-around-otherwise-let’s-chill-out-on-the-sofa.

Beth had these conversations in her head. Absolutely hilarious. And so relatable. We too get a lot of thoughts every day, don’t we? Oh, what if…, What would happen if… Why am I … Beth’s group discussions with her self, in her mind, are a hoot! I mean, it is a group discussion if you have a conversation with the voice(s) in your head, right?

The murder mystery was intriguing. The identity of the perp was unexpected. I was like, seriously??? I never expected it to be them! Nor did Beth, until she confronted them.

The storytelling was superb. Alice Castle’s writing is good too. I liked the sense of humor she’s brought about in the book. The story was engaging and entertaining.

There are a couple of mentions of Beth’s previous adventures so I am going to read the first four books in this series. This series has piqued my interest. I really want to know how York and Beth met.

If you are looking for a fun + murder mystery story, then do check out this book.

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7 thoughts on “Revenge on the Rye by Alice Castle

  1. Hi Rekha, thanks so much for your lovely review of Revenge on the Rye, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Colin the Labrador sends a big woof! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series, do let me know what you think 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome, Alice. 🙂 Woof woof back to Colin. Of course, I will let you know once I read the first four books. ( And I am pretty sure they too are fantastic, just like this one.) 🙂

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