A Scott Family Short Story Series by Amanda Paull

Scott Family: Bob and Maureen (husband and wife), Colin and Laura (Bob and Maureen’s children), Debbie (Laura’s daughter), Freddie the puppy dog and Ben (Laura’s boyfriend).

Let's Dance

Let’s Dance ( A Scott Family Short Story #1)

Shona and Laura decide to take up dancing. One, two, cha-cha-cha, let’s do the cha-cha-cha, me and you cha-cha-cha,… well, Laura and Shona have joined Ballroom dancing. Nerdy Ben has joined Ballroom dancing too. With Laura being paired up with Ben and Maureen being a social media addict user, the rumor is that Laura and Ben are dating. To keep her mam’s mouth shut, Laura invites Ben for a family lunch. But the Scott family are the Scott family – quirky and weird as ever! When Maureen drops a blob of dog poo on the table, Ben and Laura are flabbergasted! And to add to this mess, the backdoor is open and someone has managed to steal the car key, all this while the Scotts are still at home! And then there is this puppy dog that’s gone mad!

I absolutely loved the story. A short but sweet hilarious story about a weird loving and caring family.

christmas kerfuffle

A Christmas Day Kerfuffle ( A Scott Family Short Story #2)

Although this book can be read as a standalone, I would recommend the reader to start with the first book in this series so that they have an idea as to how crazy the Scott family is!

The story starts with Laura doing her best to impress the Scott family. She’s already worried a tad, after all, Ben and she are going strong now and she doesn’t want her mam or dad to ruin it with their quirky doings.

The Scotts manage to always lose the house key and today is no different. Christmas morning or not, Bob does his usual thing – lock the door and drop the key in through the letterbox. With only one set of key and Freddie alone at home, the Scotts are worried. Ben decides to help them out, hooks a magnet to a hanger and off the men go, to rescue Freddie. But things go wrong and the key now lies far away from the door. Will they be able to ‘save’ Freddie from roasting with the chicken?

Chaos, quirky, crazy, hilarious and insane – this book is a mixture of all these and many more. Forget people, even their puppy dog is insane!

fenellas fabulous fondue

Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue (A Scott Family Short Story #3)

This story is insanely hilarious! After having read the first two books (in December 2018) in this series, I was waiting to read the third one and Oh boy, it was worth the wait (more than a month of waiting). The Scotts are at their all-time high – insane-wise! Freddie the dog (shh! don’t call him a dog! He would feel bad.) makes quite an appearance at Fenella’s 85th birthday party and this results in Fenella and her husband being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Colin can’t stop showing his spectacular dance moves at the party. Ben and Laura dance to Ed Sheeran’s rumba version. (I am guessing this one’s rumba version of Shape Of You).

If you ask me to choose one, I would say that I liked the third book the best.

Excerpt from Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue:

“Well, what kind of a name is Fenella? Who would look at their little baby and think, “Ooh, I know, she looks just like a Fenella.” I mean, come on… Coochie coo, Fenella, who’s a little cutie then…?”

Thank you, Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources, for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this blog tour.

Purchase Links: Let’s Dance | A Christmas Day Kerfuffle | Fenella’s Fabulous Fountain Fondue

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