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How I Write a Fiction Book Review

Carol’s How I Write a Fiction Book Review is a post that every book blogger should read. She has made some excellent points here so have a look at it.

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January 12, 2019

How I Write a Fiction Book Review

how i write a book reviewHave you written a book review?

Do you write reviews for Goodreads? Instagram? Or occasional blog reviews?

If you’ve never written a review, would you like you to try?

Even if you are an avid reader and are not interested in writing reviews, you might be interested to know how I approach writing a review because it might enhance your reading experience. If you don’t write a review, you might tell a friend what you like about a book or give a video review in Instagram stories, and that involves some of the same thinking and communication skills as a written review. Here’s a behind the scenes look at my process for writing a fiction book review. Usually for a review, I will choose a few of these elements to build my review….it depends on…

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