The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane By Drea Damara

Book Blurb


Welcome to Blinney Lane, a historical Salem shopping district controlled by a witch’s curse.

Sarah Allister just wants a normal life running her bookstore and daydreaming about the handsome delivery-man. Contentment seems within reach, even if she has to deal with the daily phenomena that occur in her shop.

But when her spirited nephew shows up to spend the summer, all bets are off. Now Sarah must keep Ricky from discovering the curse of Blinney Lane and awakening its full power.

Will Ricky heed Sarah’s warnings? Or will he accidentally awaken the magical weeping books and send Sarah back to a land she swore to forget?

Get ready for a modern fairy tale that will sweep you away to lands beyond your imagination.


My Review


The book started on a good note. When Francis Doltman almost uttered Agatha Blinney’s name and Sarah stopped her, my curiosity levels reached a high.


“It wouldn’t be the first time someone had nearly uttered the name of Agatha Blinney, nor would it be the last. A mere slip of the tongue could spark the ever-lurking energy of the curse that so tightly confined their lives already.”


As the story proceeded, The Lands of Farwin Woods – a weeping book, took precedence over Agatha’s curse. With Ricky’s (Sarah’s nephew) enthusiasm to woo Shelby, Sarah has no other option but to go into the book – to Farwin Woods, the place that she decided never to visit, almost twenty years ago.


Twenty years ago, Farwin Woods was a happy place. But when Sarah goes back, she realizes that Farwin Woods has changed a lot since her last visit. With flashbacks on the happy times that Sarah and her brother spent with Deronda and Vasimus, Sarah is devasted to hear about the ongoing war between Vasimus and Ranthrop.


I liked the concept of going into the books – into a place where Agatha’s curse did not affect those who lived in Blinney Lane. And the concept of Agatha’s curse was also an interesting part of the story. However, I wish the story revolved more over Agatha’s curse – an interesting concoction of the curse and Farwin Woods, perhaps?


The author’s writing style is informal. There is also a bit of humor here and there- Ricky, the careless teenager, mispronouncing Vasimus’ name and Francis’ remarks on Henry Teager’s buttocks.


The concluding chapters were pretty convincing but I wish Richard (Sarah’s brother) played a better role – a nice twist would be – he went to rescue Sarah when she was pulled into the book. I have mixed opinions about this book. I wouldn’t call it a gripping page-turner, but at the same time, I loved the essence of complexity ( The journey to Farwin Woods through the book)  and tragedy (A death in Farwin Woods) in the story.


My Rating


Language/Writing: 3/5

Plot/Story: 2/5

Character Development: 3/5

Ending: 3/5


Overall Rating: 3/5


Book Details


Title: The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane

Author: Drea Damara

Publication Date: 27th September 2018

Genre: Fantasy Fiction


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