Book Review: Curtain by Agatha Christie

Curtain was published in 1975 but it was written in 1940, during the second world war. In this book, Poirot and Hastings meet at styles – the place where they first met, to solve a case for one last time. Poirot is now an old man, crippled and close to death. Hastings, now a widower, is saddened to see Poirot in such a bad state. This book has a sad ending – Poirot meets his end.

The story starts with Hastings receiving a letter from Poirot, asking him to meet for one last time at Styles. Poirot confesses to Hastings that there is a murderer in the house and he/she is going to commit another murder soon and Poirot, along with the help of Hastings, wants to stop it. Five murders in the past have one person in common – a certain X. Poirot knows the identity of X but will not tell Hastings. A murder and almost-another murder, Hastings is clueless about the identity of X. Finally, when Poirot dies, the mystery of X remains unsolved… or does it?

If you are a Poirot fan, you wouldn’t want to miss reading this masterpiece.


My rating: 4.5/5


Book Details


Title: Curtain: Poirot’s last case

Author: Agatha Christie

Publication: September 1975

Genre: Mystery, Crime



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